Jun 12, 2018

I. Am. Free.

Hey there!
As you have obviously noticed, blogging is taking more and more of a back-seat in my life these days. I can honestly say I'm not upset about it, though. When I started writing in 2012, I needed an outlet because I didn't have many people to lean on (read: zero) that understood what I was going through with infertility, trouble trying to conceive, finding my footing in the corporate world, and, most importantly, finding MYSELF along the way.

And look how far I've come in those six years!!
My gosh....it's been so, so good.
All of it.

And it really does take an extremely healthy mindset to believe that all of those really shitty, tough times actually HELPED me. But I can assure you they have.

Not once in my entire life have I ever looked back on a trying period with anger and resentment.
And I truly mean that.
I have taken everything I have ever walked through and pulled out the most important, most influential pieces and weaved them into my soul.

I can do hard things, my friends.
And keep doing them.

Life isn't supposed to be handed to me on a silver spoon.
It was never supposed to be about forging the path of least resistance.
It's not supposed to be ridiculously easy.

It's supposed to be worth it to put all the hard work in. All the mental anguish, all the tears, all the adjusted sails, all the beautifully broken times.
I'm a more dynamic, empathetic person because of it.

No, we obviously didn't smash every goal we set out to accomplish. (who does, really?)
We didn't become parents because we stuck to our own personal limits to make that path work, and have fully embraced this new lifestyle.

And guys....it's FREEING.
I feel unstoppable these days.

And you know how I'm getting to this amazing mental state?

Well, it's a lot of things, actually, but the biggest one is:
In like....every way, shape, or form.

It's so good to stop looking over the fence-line, hypothetically.

I feel so damn amazing in my own shoes, on my own path, in my own way, with my husband and our pets by our side, under the roof of our home we work so hard for.
I feel like we are a force to be reckoned with.

I am trying my hardest to spread the good vibes as far and as wide as I can throw them. I hope you have felt the same pride radiate from me into your beautiful souls as well.
I want you to feel as good as I do.

Life is so crazy, right?
Some moments it's so incredibly hard and trying and exhausting, and some moments make you want to shout from the rooftops with excitement and joy!

Embrace all of it.
Seriously....the good isn't good without the bad.
We are the makers of our own destiny's.
We are only able to go as far in life as we want to push ourselves.
We are our own worst critics.

It's not about the perfect life.
It's about the one that you are most proud of.

Anyways, hopping off my soapbox quickly.

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