Jan 5, 2018

I Can't Be Killed By Conventional Weapons

Mark mentioned last night that he was feeling extra run down, like he was getting another flu or something.


I finally (although I never wanted it in the first place) got my first taste of the elusive man-cold every woman on the planet talks about, and the Great Man Flu of 2017 literally just ended a couple weeks ago.

I. Can. Not. Deal. with another go this quickly.

Mark kept asking why it looked like lasers were shooting out of my eyes (a look I perfected while teaching High School Color Guard....you remember, right mama?) and it's because I know what I'm up against and I don't want to go back any time soon....so I ran to the medicine cabinet and threw the containers of Multi-Vitamins and Vitamin C at his face so he could choke down AT LEAST 100 of each.

Then I ever-so-nicely explained to him that he is not exactly a spring chicken anymore and perhaps needs to combat working outdoors in below freezing temps by taking care of himself as if he isn't made of steel. Which is...par for the course...exactly how he has managed the last 39 years of his life.

"I can't be killed by conventional weapons" is what I hear on a daily basis. Not an exaggeration.

Then I replied, perhaps not...but working in literal human shit and then failing to wash your hands the second you leave said shit hole (PUN intended) may be contributing to the ebola virus you seem to get on a monthly basis these days.

In other news, I was required to leave the safe-haven of my warm living room this week and head back into work, forced into the cold, sporting polka-dot mittens while steering this beast of a vehicle I now drive to combat this horrid weather.

PSA: Going from a luxury sedan to a Hum-Vee sure makes you realize that air-ride suspension and consistently working seat heaters is a real treasure in life. #blessed

And because I'm all for well-thought out, planned decisions, I booked us a vacation to Key Largo as soon as possible so we can pretend we don't live in the North-fucking-Pole for a week.

And then I told Mark about it when I got home. He said Hell Yea.

I knew all those points we racked up from IVF would come in handy some day. And that day came in the form of a free-trip as far South as I can get without a passport.

The goal this weekend is likely to stay indoors as much as possible and avoid seeing people so we can continue our efforts to stop un-necessary spending. I have a few to-do items around the house that include re-organizing and purging...my two favorite verbs during winter.

Pray hubby fights off this flu and I don't contract anything in the process.
Amazon sells SARS masks, right?

Thanks for reading. XO

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  1. Oh Mark. And oh I remember - HA! Hope he's feeling ok now!!