Jan 11, 2018

A Millionty Projects

You guys...I don't know what happened but now I have come to realize I have given myself a bunch of projects to work on, and for some reason I am actually a little frazzled that they may not be completed before spring.

I think most people get the urge to purge after the Holidays.
No? Just me?

Well...I am purging like a motha' these days. Room by room, I have been digging through all the junk drawers, dead spaces, and cabinets to create piles of keep, donate, or toss.

First comes purging, then comes deep-cleaning.
I'm talking, scrubbing the fucking drool-covered walls (and ceilings for that matter), scraping out the baseboard gunk, picking gross things out of corners with q-tips and bleaching everything imaginable.

Being forced to stay indoors for many months and seeing a space in juuuust the right morning light instantly reveals how nasty our home gets in a year.

I sort of love cleaning like this though, as long as I can knock out an entire room in a day.
The rest of the year is simply spent tidying and wiping down the larger surfaces or just outright ignoring them since I'm too busy doing things like day-drinking in the pool.

Then when all the general house-hold cleaning, purging and organizing is complete...I can hit the larger projects with a clear head.

Since looking at what was supposed to be our nursery is completely depressing to me, I decided to turn it into my craft room for the time being. <---see what I did there? #therewillbemiracles

I want to set up the space so that it's accessible enough that I actually want to craft and create more.

Which leads me to this painting:

I think it's too colorful, so I'm going to re-do it since I stare it all day at work and it's not bringing me joy anymore.

Then there is the secret coffee-bar closet in our bedroom.
Our 100 year old home is laid out....oddly, especially when it comes to closet space.
I love the quirkiness of it, but it makes designing a functional closet a bit difficult since there are very few rectangular rooms.

The coffee-bar closet holds our Keurig, a mini-fridge, and a microwave on one side, and then the rest of the space has sort of become a catch-all for all the other crap I don't want to look at.

My goal is turn it into a little room that holds my essential oils and books, along with a more efficient coffee-bar space.

Side story: When Mark was sick with his second man-flu, he decided he was bored one day and did the unthinkable....He started rifling through this closet to clean it out. GASP!

And I completely lost it on him.

Because it is (mostly) MY SHIT and MY PROJECT. (um...if he didn't realize he married a crazy person...he sure as Hell realized that day)

Who the fuck gets pissed their husband was trying to help?
ME, that's who.

Besides, I didn't want his germy-flu hands touching all my stuff. I still think it's completely valid to lose it. You don't see me rifling through his garage because I think it's disgusting. Which I completely DO think it's disgusting and would love to actually clean, but I'd probably just end up torching the place because it's too much junk and then we'd get a divorce. So it's better if I just don't ever go in there in the first place. At least not sober. Marriage is all about picking your battles, you know.

Now back to the real post.

And the biggest task that I randomly decided to tackle as well?
Our main downstairs bathroom.

Now, I vowed not to do any home renovations this winter (because, IVF debt), but this bathroom keeps giving me gross vibes and I need to do something about it.

What I really want to do is gut the fucking thing and start over, and one day that will actually happen, but until that day becomes a reality I still have to live with what we have.
And what we currently have is this:

Not exactly my style. Or anyone's style outside of the 1982. There are just too many colors!!

My plans include re-finishing the existing tile; changing it from blue to crisp white.
Re-painting the walls a lighter color.
And for Christ-sakes...painting over that huge wooden vanity monstrosity.

I don't have the budget to change anything out...but I am SURE I can make a dent in the appearance with a cheaper face-life, right?

Four months and counting, folks! Do you have any projects this season?
Thanks for reading. XO

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  1. I am allllllll about purging in January! I am currently working on just little updates to the home to give it a more 'clean and fresh' feeling - but I don't want to spend much $, at all. We will see what I come up with.

    I will be by tomorrow to check out the bathroom! It's going to be great!