Dec 1, 2017

Dirty Santa Done Dirt Cheap

Let's hop on a more-fun note today. Sound good?
I bring Dirty Santa gift guide.

Every year I scour Amazon for the funniest gifts since our family partakes in this annual Christmas Tradition. Give one of these at the next White Elephant party and you're sure to get a laugh!!

Dad Bods: They are all the rage these days. Get the look AND function of holding your flip-phone, receipts, and post-it notes with this attractive fanny pack

Who can forget THE LEG lamp from Christmas Story? Give the miniature version for someone to look at every time they get up in the middle of the night to pee!

Know someone in the family that hasn't quite figure out how to adult yet? Want to passive aggressively stick it to 'em? This book is for them. It's actually super informative and easy to read and maybe they can get their head out of their ass long enough to skim through a couple chapters. 

I just love a wine goblet big enough for those rough weeks. Grab this glass and throw in a box of the finest Franzia for that crazy aunt of yours!

Any seniors heading off to college? This funny and witty guide helps keeps them in check and reminds them about things like...No, Dorito's actually AREN'T a food group.

You know those Ryan Gossling meme's you see floating around everywhere? These are just as good, but they are COASTERS. No rings on the counter from a cold beer already has me hot and bothered. They say things like, "here, let me fold the laundry for you."  Did you just cream your panties a little?! ME TOO. 

Finally, a good old fashioned adult coloring book. Politely tell someone to fuck off by gifting this one to them. Or do what I'm going to do and buy it yourself to vent some frustrations while guzzling a bottle, I mean, a glass of wine. 

Cheers, folks! XO

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  1. My nephew actually has a couple leg lamps. He has an obsession with A Christmas Story. I love that adult coloring book. I'm putting it on my Christmas wish list.