Jun 23, 2017


Swan Float // Adult Sippy Cups // Unicorn Float // Squirt Guns // Beer Pong // Red Solo Cups // Tiki Torches //
Outdoor Lights // Sunscreen // Citronella Bucket // Flamingo Float // Kiddie Pool //  Glow Sticks // Pineapple Float

HELLO PARTY PEOPLE! Summer is in full swing and I cannot be more excited!

If there is one thing Mark and I do best...it's pool parties.
No, not those Pinterest-perfect pool parties where everything matches and the men are bored....I'm talking about the ones your friends actually want to go to!  
Here are some essentials you'll need for a rockin' good time!

Pool Floats. They are, hands down, the hit of any pool party. Adults love sipping a beer in them and kids love fighting with each other on them. My favorites this season are the swan, the unicorn, the flamingo and the pineapple, obviously.

Tip: I nearly died trying to blow these damn things up with my mouth. 
Save yourself the trouble and get a quick fill air-pump. Problem solved!

Plastic drinkware is a MUST around a pool. These margarita glasses are safe AND they save your beverage after you've had one too many. They are literally adult sippy cups. You're welcome.

Speaking of adult beverages...inflatable beer pong is likely one of the best inventions ever. Sure you could use it as a pool float, but where's the fun in that? Don't forget your red solo cups!

While you're getting sloshed in the shallow end, throw some squirt guns at the kids and tell them to spray each other, NOT the inside of your house. (not that I know from experience)

Hopefully someone is less sober than you and can remind you to apply sunscreen
Cancer is no joke, son.

I have a few uses for kiddie pools
1. The obvious...as an extra large dog bowl, duh. 
2. For beverages. I'll fill up a kiddie pool with ice and throw the beer and sunscreen in it. 
I guess kids could use them too.... :)

When the sun starts to set, the mosquito's are in full force. I like to throw a bunch of tiki torches around the pool (sexy), and put out a bunch of citronella buckets on the tables. 
You will need tiki torch fuel, and this one helps deter those pesky mosquitoes as well.

These commercial-grade outdoor lights stand the test of time. We have had them installed in our back yard for four years and not one bulb has burned out yet. Do it.

At night, string a glow stick to everyone's bathing suit so no one gets lost. 
It's not like you're seeing straight. 
I think they look pretty swell in the deep end of your pool, too.

What else would you add to the party?
Thanks for reading! XO


  1. This is such a fun post! We have been living in my parents pool this summer - and drinking a ton, too. We invested in a nice outdoor speaker because we love listening to music all day! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I wish I lived near you because I really want to come to your next pool party!

  3. I need a beer pong floatie...

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