May 5, 2017

Happy Little Things : May

Yay for May!
What's not so yay, is this dreary weather. Did you know we got over 3 inches of rain in the last week?
That's like....3 FEET of snow! Crazy! least it's not snow, as is usual at some point this month.
Anyways, I have rounded up some happy little things that take the seriousness out of life and bring happy to the forefront.

Coloring Book // Sofia Champs // Flamingo // Summer Mug // Umbrella Art // Coloring Pens // Hand Lettering

I'll be honest, at first when I started seeing all these adult coloring books pop up, the first judgmental thought that popped into my head was what a waste of time.
And maybe it still is a waste of time, but guys, don't we all need that sometimes? I have spent five months of mental and physical healing, and in the process, learned to eliminate a lot of things that don't truly bring me joy anymore.
Why not fill some of that extra time with things that don't require me to think about logistics and serious stuff? I found this cute shop on Instagram, which led me to her Pattern Play coloring book. She had me at flamingos, so I bought the book and these bright pens, and can't wait for them to show up at my door!

Champagne in a can. People. CHAMPS. IN A CAN. It's everything you never knew you needed.
I am meeting some fellow infertility warriors and one of my very best friends for an evening out where we paint and drink, and these are always my very favorite to-go libations.
The pink can just screams FUN...mostly because it comes with a cute little straw!

I'm not always a huge fan of generic artwork, but I ran across this piece and it spoke to me. During my darkest days of depression, when I felt alone and completely isolated, I could always trust in unconditional love from my dog. I know, it's silly. Maybe you have to be a dog person to understand. But they just want you to love them, and they just want to slobber all over you and be close to you and love you. And they don't say anything to mess it up. :) Dogs are the best.

Speaking of flamingo's, how fucking adorable is this little plush toy? It would be so darling in a little girl's room, I can't stand it. Again, found at Target as most glorious things are!

If you don't know Lindsay Letters, you should. She is not paying me to promote her, I just like pimping things I love and know others will love too. Right now her shop is having a clearance sale on prints and mugs, and of COURSE I scooped up this summer mug. Hello....PINEAPPLES!
I may have purchased a few others as fun little gifts too. ;)

Finally....Hand Lettering. Learn to write a certain way has a soft spot in my heart. It brings me back to my freshmen year in Interior Architecture school where we all had to learn to write...architecturally, ha!
It's forever my new normal. A lot of times, I see these chick's lettering, and I keep thinking...I could do that. So I just might. And this cute little book doubles as a tutorial and coffee table accessory.
See? It puts the FUN in FUNCTIONAL. LOL...I'm such a dork.

And with that, I'm off to color and do other crafty things!
Have a great weekend! XO

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