Apr 28, 2017

Home Inspiration: A Coastal Chic Space

Happy Friday! Let's lighten up the blog a bit, shall we?
I have been dreaming about warm days on the water for months, so decided to put that inspiration behind this space design.

It's like a little stay-cation for your eyes. Enjoy!

Side Board // Table Lamp // Decanter // Palm Pillowcase // Triangle Pillowcase //
Plant Basket // Coffee Table Splurge or Save // Gold Book // Faux Banana Plant // Gold Bowl //
Armchair Splurge or Save // Fringe Pillow // Side Table // Rug

Whenever I put together these mood boards, sometimes I get a little anxiety because all the stuff seems too close to each other and everything is piled on everything else.

The goal of a mood board is to showcase the overall FEEL of the space....not, necessarily, that you would expect every piece to be placed so close together in real life.

I imagined a spacious room, with large windows and french doors along one wall bringing in an abundance of natural light, with slightly off-white walls and light colored hardwood floors.

On one interior wall would sit a beautiful wood sideboard styled with a sea glass table lamp and space for some bar ware, like a natural wood-topped decanter.

Not all art needs to be hung, so I thought some layered prints would anchor the space, and the abstract waves and geode artwork provide enough interest without too much competition.

In the center of the room would be four gray armchairs surrounding a large natural wood coffee table. A light, geometric rug would ground this furniture, providing a designated space for conversation and wine, obviously.

I also found equally appealing, more affordable alternatives to the armchair and coffee table options.

My go-to coffee table accessories are always a good coffee table book, a (faux) plant that never wilts, and a simple gold bowl to hold whatever you need.

Style the side table with some fresh peonies and be sure to hide the unsightly planter your majesty palm came in with this beautiful grass basket.

Finally, I LOVE a good throw pillow, but WHY are they so pricey!?
While Target never fails with options like this black and white fringe, I found that you can buy beautiful pillowcases on Amazon like the palm and triangle prints, add a pillow insert, and it's literally half the the price (or more!) than what you would find in stores.

This is such a great alternative for me because throw pillows are guaranteed to get ruined in my house with the pets, so an affordable option that can be changed out with the seasons is key!

And with that, I'm off to enjoy the weekend.
Hope you find some inspiration for your home with these designs! XO

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