Apr 21, 2017

Contain Yourself: My Favorite Planters

When creating a space, I always accessorize with plants first.
To me, they fill a space with life (literally) and because a plant typically needs to be watered weekly, I get to spend time in areas of my home that may be neglected to no more than a quick pass-through.

I like the planters to fit the feel of the room, but not compete for attention.
The key is to focus on neutrals and textures that are similar to their surroundings.
Plants literally go with any decor, but it's the planters themselves that make or break your design.

So, I have rounded up my favorite planters to inspire your green thumb!

Zigzag Terra Cotta // Gold Dot // Tall Rectangular // White Geometric // Macrame Planter Holder // Wood Base
Simple White Round // Set of 2 Textured // Black Hanging Rail // Set of 3 Concrete // Gray Geometric

I have a bunch of these simple white planters around my home. I ended up removing the bottom of each so the drain holes are exposed, and adding a clear shallow reservoir from Home Depot underneath.

Our porch has beautiful black iron railing, reminiscent of something you would see on a New Orleans street.

I am dying to grab these black hanging planters from cb2....just need to find a promo code or get a deal on free shipping and I'm on it!

By the pool, I wanted to make a larger statement with some unusual plants that stood up to the wind and the rain over the summer time. Since the plants were so colorful, I chose large white planters.

So tell me, do you have a green thumb, or do you go for some cute planters and faux plants?
I like a good mix of both, to be honest. Some plants are destined for the garbage within weeks and some heartier ones I have kept for years!

Have a good weekend and thanks for reading!! XO


  1. Can you send your green thumb vibes my way? I swear, plants come to my house to die.

    1. Ha! I literally just decided to fill my house with plants last year and see what happens...sometimes I slack off, but overall nothing has really died yet! You can do it!

  2. Love this post! I have a black thumb, like a dead black thumb. I've heard somewhere that you can't be a great cook and have a green thumb - ha! That being said, Mike is the plant whisperer. Its so weird. He literally has brought plants back to life.

    1. LOL...I'm like...mediocre at both. *story of my life* I would likely buy more faux plants as well but I'm sucker for all the beauties at Home Depot!!

  3. I have two plants I have successfully NOT murdered inside the house. Outside.. my motto is, if you can't handle a drought...

  4. I have so many plants. I feel so sad that I can't take them all with me when we move. I am bringing one of each species though, and no one can stop me!