Feb 24, 2017

Bedroom Upgrade

Before I get into the home reno stuff, I wanted to say thank you.
Thank you for reading my words and reaching out. Thank you to those that have been listening.

The grief, anxiety, and depression following my miscarriage comes in waves, and I'm working through them. I cry a lot at night after bedtime, and at some point I think I should try to get actual sleep, so have finally thrown in the towel and will be working with a therapist.

I have always felt guilty for dumping my issues on others, so why not dump it on someone that gets paid to be dumped on? (that came out wrong...but you get it.)

Also, I wanted to tell you a quick story.

So, Crash is buried in our back yard, and I swear Burn can still smell his scent, which at first made me really upset. It was like he was looking for him but could never find him.

*cue water works*

But now, Burn goes over to the site and pees on it.

And it makes me laugh.

See, this was their shtick when they were together.
They would always try to one-up each other's markings by peeing on top of the other pup's pee.
Crash always got the first and last pee when he was around.
So now Burn finally wins.  :)

I know....I'm weird for that being a happy story to me. Whatever.

Anywaaaaaaays.....the real topic is how I'm spending my time during these winter months.

To say I am a creature of habit is an understatement.
In January, I basically just sleep and zone out a lot. The holidays take a lot out of me and I feel like my body and mind have to reset. Then, gradually, as we sit here staring at each other, and deep clean all the crevices of our home because everything is just. so. gross, I start to get the itch to dust off my Interior Design degree and get a little creative.

I have been dreaming about giving our bedroom a face-lift for a while.

We chose the room with very little space on the inside, just enough to fit our beds.
(yes, there are two...um hi, have you met me? I'm the lightest sleeper and my husband likes to thrash around all night. No sleep means Tia is a mega-bitch for the following day and NO ONE wants to deal with that. I'm bitchy enough as it is.)

Moving on.

This room leads out to the roof-top balcony, which is way more exciting than a few extra square feet in a room where we basically just sleep.

I love the character in our home.
All the walls are slightly imperfect, textured plaster, from nearly 100 years ago.

We are always very careful with renovations; to preserve the integrity of the home but keep it stylish and timeless. Like a little Midwestern oasis.

Down the hall from our bedroom, is the bathroom we renovated two years ago:
And as you come in our front door, you are greeted with the lobby I gave a face-lift:

The issue with our bedroom is I'm having a hard time deciding how I want it to feel.
I like both the moody, darker look, and the light and airy look.
Like these:

I have been collecting pieces over the last couple of months and will renovate in the coming months.

Keeping our ever-tight budget in mind, the upgrade will consist of paint, new light fixtures, new drapery, and new bedding. I have collected a few tables over the years that already work perfectly in the space.

So, this will be my next design project.

Hope you are all staying happy and productive as well!
Thanks for reading! XO


  1. Glad to see you are healing in your own way, Tia. Take all the time you need. Love the darker bedroom option by the way. :) Go you!!

  2. I'm really glad that you are reaching out to a professional that can help guide you through the dark days to lighter, brighter ones. You and Mark deserve every happiness! Can't wait to see renovation pics! Sending you hugs!

  3. Can't wait to see what you do - you know me, light and airy all the way! Although I do like the moodier photo :)

  4. I can't wait to see how the room turns out!

  5. Sounds like you have some great ideas for the room! I love those inspiration pics!