Jan 10, 2017



I put a lot of few things off that weren't necessary in 2016. But now I have some breathing room and no pressing commitments on my money, so I thought I would purchase a few things that I need in my life that are fun, necessary and therapeutic.

- A pretty notebook: In 2016 I purchased my first ever hard-copy planner. It was something I could carry around and update as my IVF schedule became more and more hectic.

Hectic would be an understatement...but I definitely used the ever-loving shit out of that thing.
I'm glad I did...because I am constantly referring back to it for timelines and dosages.

2017 will hopefully have a different tone to it. There will always be planning, but I'll be using my mobile Gmail calendar more often, in lieu of another planner.

That 2016 planner kind of gives me a shitty taste in my mouth, and I don't really want to go back there by doing the same thing this year.

So, I bought a notebook with a bunch of blank pages.
I am not the most spiritual person, but I would be lying if I said I didn't reach out and pray often when times got really tough last year.

But, I don't think it's really fair to reach out to a higher power only when I feel like I'm lost...my thinking is maybe I need to try and make it a more consistent thing.

I'm not looking to dive into a bible, or read scripture, but I thought it would be nice to write something each day.

I'd like to write a thank you for something or someone I am grateful for each day.
I'd like to write a prayer for someone or something in my life that needs one.
I'd like to write down something that made me laugh that day.
...and leave it at that.

This would be my attempt to level out and bring the focus of the good in my life more in line with how piercing the bad was, and can be.

- Shoes. I'm not looking to buy out a store or anything, but there were two distinct instances in the last year or so that I wish I had a few extra dollars to replace a couple pairs that broke or hurt my feet too much.

I have a pair of black booties that I wear during the winter that have been re-cobbled 5 times. I have owned them since 2009 and they have taken quite the beating. They don't look overly shabby, but I think it's time to replace them with something a little more on-trend (and don't have electrical tape hiding all the scuffs on the heels)

I also purchased a pair of leopard-print heels from Target in an attempt to look cute and save money. Um....so about how Target shoes are basically garbage. Sorry. The pair I purchased looked adorable, seemed well-made. But after wearing them about a month or so, they stretched out so much that I had to constantly flex my foot to keep them on during the day.
Thanks but no thanks. I'll drop a few more dollars for something that will last for years.

- Glasses. I have been putting off getting an eye exam and some new frames for years. Without vision insurance I never bothered going, but I totally know I should. I was trying to read some smaller print last week and realized how badly I was squinting in my glasses.
It's time for a new Rx and some trendier frames.


- Getting back in the gym. Sounds easy enough, right? Just set my alarm, put pants on, and go.

The first full week trying to get back to a normal routine of working full-time was exhausting.
Will it be like this next week?
Probably not.

But between Crash's death, my ebola sickness, my miscarriage, and the Holidays...I basically went to work three times in December.

I'm not weak. I just don't feel it's appropriate to push myself and spiral out of control.

I started back at the gym over the weekend.
I weighed myself...130....which means I lost 6lbs since November 1.
Exercise restriction and an immense amount of stress and grieving will do that to me.

But, I will get there. And again, I'm not looking to break any goals. I just want to feel good and not have an asthma attack after I climb a flight of stairs, ok?


I need a project. I was supposed to be planning a nursery during the shittiest winter months, so now I need to turn my focus on something else.

- Our living room. I re-painted a wine cabinet and bought a shelving-ladder for our living room just over a year ago, and I think I have grown to hate them in the last year. I need to re-stage the wall they are both placed on with something a little more uniform and clean-lined.

- Our kitchen. We are YEARS away from a complete overhaul on this space, but since Crash passed, the area where we kept his crate is barren. We have both commented about needing something for that space. Eventually it will be a built-in beverage station with an ice-machine, wine storage, the whole-nine...but at this point, I'm thinking a movable kitchen island may be the ticket.


- One of our bedroom closets. We have a smaller closet that has been used for storage only. I have a small pile of older coats, boxes of stuff from our move that we never rifled through again, tax paperwork, IVF paperwork, fans, old electronics....you get it. It's kind of a catch-all.

I'd like this space to make a little more sense. Maybe add some shelving and baskets. I'd like to take some time to purge and clear-out the clutter that I know is hiding behind that door.


It Starts With an Egg: I don't know what the exact game plan is for this year, but I do know that supplements and vitamins and lifestyle changes take more than a couple weeks to kick in.  If I only get one more shot, I'd like to prepare myself as best as possible.

I am on track with my daily vitamin and supplement intake.
I started drink 8oz Red Raspberry leaf tea to normalize my menstrual cycles.
I dumped all my plastic containers, switching tupperware for glass and my water bottle for stainless steel.
I overhauled my skincare and shower routine, attempting to buy lotion, shampoo, conditioner and body wash with limited, organic ingredients.

The book is far more detailed about scientific evidence and suggestions, but I'm doing my best without getting overwhelmed.

I'm happy at the progress I've made and hope it pays off in the future.


We haven't been able to go on any sort of trip away from the house, more than day-trips, due to having two dogs that fought with each other, and a jam-packed IVF schedule.

Well, right now we are down one dog, giving us a bit of breathing room in terms of the nerves that come along with dog-fights, and the nerves to have someone else care for them that isn't accustomed to their antics.

And IVF isn't necessarily a hot-topic of discussion right now, so we thought we would try and squeeze in a couple smaller getaways before summer is in full-swing and our free time is spent lounging by the pool, entertaining, and taking the boat on Lake Michigan.

- Wisconsin Dells. An indoor water park with family complete with a lazy river and pool-side margaritas sounds divine when you're a child at heart and the weather caps out at around 15 degrees these days.

- Somewhere warm to buy a car. The need for an upgraded car has been on our minds for years. I have been driving the same 1999 Trans Am for 11 years, and while I love the style and speed, I think I'm due for something a bit sleeker.

Obviously we wanted a four-door with the baby, but I think a four-door in general is necessary. Piling groceries in the back-seat of a two-door with the t-tops off taking up precious trunk space isn't exactly....accommodating.
Mark and I think it would be fun to set our sights on the car we want, but in an area of warmer weather.  With all the points I accumulated from IVF last year, we're hoping we can find a sedan in the South, take a one-way flight to get there, buy the car, spend a couple days in the area, then drive it back. Like a mini road-trip.

So, this is what's on deck in the coming months.
Outside of these smaller goals...we will just be L-I-V-I-N.
No expectations, no deadlines, no pressure.

Cheers. XO


  1. Sounds awesome but I love planning things out. Even if it changes it's settling to me just to have things sort of in an organized plan of events to look ahead too. I think you should look for a car in Atlanta!

  2. I'm such a planner so I so loved this post! January is the month I just go crazy with plans and to do lists and organizing but it all feels so good :) Love the new products you got from Target - I use that Everyone lotion (and soap!) brand on the boys - never thought to use on myself, let me know how you like it :)

  3. I love the car trip idea!!! And writing in a journal is a great idea, nice to get thoughts out on paper. :)

  4. I love the tone of this whole post. I am glad you are not pouring yourself 100% into so many different directions, but just having ideas, making a game plan, and kind of going with the flow - completely necessary.

    I started with a paper journal this year (got one from Weight Watchers that says "Live Inpsired!" There have been so many times that I've seen something, read something, and while I can do a screen shot - it's so much more powerful writing it down, and having the book to refer to as well. Hugs my friend!

  5. Great plans! We need to replace my husband's older, less reliable car this year too. It's a bit overwhelming. Your plan for it sounds way more fun.

  6. Plans are good! I have never tried Target shoes, and surely never will now. I also think 4 doors on a car is a necessity even though most of the time I'm the only one riding in it. I used to get all obsessed with planners, but I've been using just the google calendar on my phone for a while now and it's easier. It's always with me.