Dec 26, 2016

Bumpdate: 10 Weeks

How Far Along: 10 weeks, 3 days

Baby: Baby is the size of a strawberry, measuring 1.2 inches long. I have to rely on my Bump app to update his stats as I won't have another ultrasound for 2-3 months. :(

Cravings: Hungry for all things every 2 hours. I can't get Rolo's out of my head for some reason, so I caved and bought a bag when I refilled my Thyroid Rx at Walgreens. Totally hit the spot.

- Constant, ravenous hunger every couple of hours. I get so annoyed that I feel like I have to constantly scavenge for food. If I'm hungry but was hoping for a nap, I need to eat first otherwise I will lay there staring at the ceiling, debating about what sounds good in the fridge.
I can then only eat a small amount and end up feeling queasy afterward for a couple hours.
Then the cycle repeats.

- Constipation has reared its ugly head, and I'm sure those fucking hemorrhoids aren't far behind.

- Ongoing intense, period-like cramps along with bleeding.
You guys, this one is completely freaking me out. I stopped injections last Tuesday and by Christmas Eve, I started getting these lower back aches and stomach cramps like my period was right around the corner. I noticed a consistent amount of brown blood as well.
It all came to a head last night.
The cramps became really intense and painful, and I noticed a good amount of bright red blood.
I was sure I was miscarrying.
I begged Mark to give me another progesterone injection hoping that would keep baby put and just prayed everything would be okay.
We debated going to the ER around 1am, but I know they don't have a magic potion to stop a miscarriage so I tried to get comfortable with my heating pad and just rest.
The pain did eventually subside, but it still comes and goes along with the bleeding depending on how much I walk around.

Mood: Trying to stay positive. Christmas was good to us and we already have a nice stock pile of baby clothes and blankets and goodies. We are so blessed to be at this point in the pregnancy and I am really trying to focus on our health and happiness moving forward.

Sleep: Besides my insane cold this past week, sleep has been good. There was only one night of major insomnia. As in, getting up at 2am for a bowl of cereal.

Weight Gain: I weighed in at 133 last Wednesday. WITH boots on after lunch.
So who knows...maybe it's a pound or two less. But that means I am down at least couple pounds since I went on exercise restriction back in October. No weight gain.

Fitness: Haven't made it to the gym yet. Maybe January?

This Week: Busy. I was sick for a good portion of the week and that didn't really help my mental state. I missed my exit interview with the Infertility Doctor. I guess I'm supposed to reschedule but who the F knows when that'll happen #insuranceisrunningoutsoon

Not being able to take any real medication turned me into a total wimp so I broke down and make a Doctor's appointment by Day 2, only to get there and realize I planned my insurance for this year solely on infertility and my normal doctor wasn't in network.

You know how I responded? I cried. In the lobby.
It's fine...they probably would have sent me home with the same info....take Tylenol.

I also had my first OB appointment and met my delivery doctor as well. He is super nice and I like his nurse. So at least that is off to a good start.

My injection schedule had me stopping on the 20th. But with all this cramping, it's making me incredibly nervous. If this pregnancy fails it will NOT be because I didn't keep my hormones in check, so we have decided to keep up with the shots every other day through the 12th week.

And of course, Christmas Eve and Christmas. How can I forget?
I loved getting presents for the baby. It's weird but it always felt so selfish to still be getting presents from my parents, as an adult. I'm glad the focus was off of us for a change.
He is very spoiled already!!
Mostly, we are happy to have survived 99% of this year and are looking forward to completely shutting down 2016 in less than a week! Good riddance!

That's a wrap for week 10!
Thanks for reading!! XO

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