Nov 28, 2016


We have been keeping the BIGGEST SECRET OF ALL TIME!

I can't believe I FINALLY get to write this blog post!

After nearly FIVE. LONG. YEARS. of battling the unknowns of infertility, genetic testing, and our sanity, to see if I could actually become pregnant, we have our answer.

And that answer is YES. YES! YES! YES!


And the best part, since we did genetic testing, we know the gender.


We quietly set the wheels in motion for our final transfer in early November.

We transferred our final embryo, Lucky #3, on November 2nd.

We have been waiting for this moment since October 2012.

1,503 total days.
A 1 in 289,000,000 chance of us both being genetic carriers of MCAD.
Over $125,000 in (covered) medical claims.
$13,000 in out of pocket expenses.
18 arguments with the insurance about said medical claims.
217 injections.
200+ estrogen patches
90+ birth control or Estrace pills.
60 early morning monitoring appointments.
60 blood draws.
54 pieces of paperwork: authorizations, consents, and signatures.
3 rounds of IVF egg retrievals.
29 total eggs retrieved.
Of which 5 made it to Day-5 Blasts.
Of which 2 were genetically normal.
2 frozen transfers.
1 failure.

On Monday, November 14th, at 12dp5dt, my first blood beta result was positive at 435.
(The number should be within 100-550 on this day)

On Wednesday, November 16th, at 14dp5dt, my second beta result was 1,119!
(This number should at least double in 48 hours)

We had our first ultrasound the Wednesday before Thanksgiving that showed our beautiful itty bitty baby with a strong heartbeat.

He was measuring right on track at 5weeks and 5days.
Heart rate was 99bpm.

It was amazing to see the tiny flicker!
The tech was amazed to see the heart beating this early...our little guy is very strong!

I took my first BLAZING POSITIVE pregnancy test the afternoon of my positive beta, on an expired pregnancy test, at a dear friend's house.

Those two beautiful pink lines appeared before the urine had reached the other side of the window!!

We shared the news over Thanksgiving with family and friends!

I need to give a huge shout-out to JLaw Creations for priority shipping the cutest announcement t-shirt of all time! Seriously, check out her Etsy shop! So many adorable options!

The shirt reads "New Little Turkey on the Way."
I went with a size Medium slouchy t-shirt in case you're wondering.

It's happening.
It's REALLY happening!

I am currently just past 6 weeks pregnant and due late July!
We have a slew of milestones to get through in the coming months and we will face them head-on as they arrive.


I have so many posts ready to go in the coming weeks to get everyone caught up on the details we have been keeping secret.

I am also going to start doing weekly "bumpdates" soon.
I always loved reading the week to week progress with other bloggers, and now I am finally getting my chance!

So WATCH OUT everybody.
This boy mom is going to be large and in charge soon enough!


Thank you all for your kind words of support this last year as we battled infertility head-on.
This one has a happy ending, and I could not be more ecstatic!!



  1. Best news ever. I can't stop smiling. I am so so so so happy for you and for Mark! I can't wait to watch you guys as parents!!!!! And thank you for coming to my house with the news, I'll never forget you peeing on that pregnancy test!!

  2. I am overjoyed for you. Got teary eyed reading this. So very happy that you get to spill this news. ����

  3. The news is just so wonderful to read! Looking very forward to baby bump updates. Love to you and Mark and the little man on the way!

  4. Oh Tia - that is SOOOO EXCITING! Congratulations! This could be the greatest holiday gift of all time! Prayers for an easy pregnancy and no more struggles!

  5. I never doubted! I told you!! I know you, you are strong and determined and I truly believed this would be the end result. I love you and am very happy for you guys!

  6. I left a comment on my train ride in, but don't see it - that being said CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for you guys!! Best news evah!

  7. I am literally reading this through tears which seems insane considering we've never met IRL but.... who the fuck cares!!! You are going to be a Mommy!!! This is the best news! I am so, so happy for you both. Enjoy every single second of it!! You deserve it lady.

  8. I cried when I read this... I'm sure that's weird considering we've never met. But it's true! So happy for you two! Girl post away. You've earned this! Congratulations!

  9. I have been away from the blogging world for so long but I wanted to pop on here and say congratulations!!!! I am SO, SO, SO happy for y'all!!!

  10. I stumbled across your blog a few months (a year?) ago and have been following your journey ever since. I never commented, but I can't let this one go by without a big CONGRATULATIONS! Can't wait for bumpdates and all the fun that's yet to come!

  11. I can't stop thinking about this and I am just so so happy and thankful. I wanted you to see success so badly. I can't wait to go through this together. How are you feeling so far?