Sep 22, 2016

September Goals

I can't believe I am even bothering to write a post on goals for September now that we are clearly more than half-way through the friggin' month, but hey, I couldn't be bothered with anything non-summer related until it was officially considered fall, amiright?

I'm right.

Let's go with that.

But first! Thank you.
I have said it before and will continue to preach it from the mountains...the love and support we receive from our friends, family, and followers means the WORLD to me.
I am so grateful for it.

Our transfer news and details are so very exciting, and I am so glad I get to share the highs and lows with so many wonderful people.

In an attempt to simplify my life a little bit, and let go of some stress, please know that I still cherish everyone's thoughts and comments, but trying to respond to everyone is overwhelming.

I promise I read every comment on this blog, and every comment on Facebook and Instagram, and every text and every phone call and voicemail.
I'm not so good at responding to each and everyone individually.
I guess that is a good thing that this little blog has grown in such a way that I am reaching a bigger audience these days.

Please forgive me.

Now back to the task at hand.

September and early October are typically one of two of the busiest times for us each year.
It's always those transition months that seem never-ending with tasks to prep one space or another.

In May, we are scrambling like crazy to get our outdoor areas up to par for swimming and shenanigans.

And during September, we are scrambling to close the outdoor stuff before it gets too cold.

And, lesbihonest, before I decorate for Halloween.
Which literally must commence on October 1st so I can dedicate an entire month to spooky.

Without further ado, here is my list of goals to knock out before all the golden leaves falls off the trees:

1. Close the pool (Mark will most likely be doing this solo since he swears a lot in the process and it stresses me out)

2. Deflate the enormous pool floats (the ones that survived at least, RIP Flamingo and booze canoes), tuck away all the lawn furniture, and murder all spiders/bugs that decided our basement was their home over the summer.

3. Attempt to re-pot some thriving outdoor plants and see if I can keep them alive over winter.

4.  Switch out my plastic-by-the-pool summer drinkware for my festive and fancy wine glasses and champs glasses....that I'll only be able to stare at, unfortunately....all. winter. long.

5. Wash, fold, and store all beach towels and pool-related items.

6. Change out the guest room bedding and lobby decor for more soothing, demure tones.

7. Get my crockpot back on a normal Sunday rotation. There is NOTHING more defining in a midwestern suburban Fall than a crockpot and whatever football is on tv.
Not that I'm actually watching it ;)

8. Deep. Clean. Everything. on the inside of my house. I cannot decorate for Halloween until I get rid of the actual cobwebs everywhere. Or does that make it more spooky?

9. Professionally clean our carpets. Even though I have no idea where this money is going to come from, I would rather not eat food for a month than go another season with carpets that have seen far to many "accidents" from the pets in the last six months.
These poor animals cannot catch a break and I'm pretty sure if you haven't bought stock in baby wipes, hydrogen peroxide and paper towels, then hop on it!
Because we have gone through an IMMENSE amount.
That is all.

10. String up the Christmas lights. Oh you bet your sweet hillbilly-ass I'm the one that does it months ahead of time. I think it's smart though, because then I'm not freezing my ass off in December!

11. Stay Pregnant.
We have a loooong way to go in the process still, and I'm just hoping that bebe is still thriving and growing!!

So tell me, what do YOU do to prep for colder months?!

Thanks for reading!! XO


  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I'm a new homeowner and only a semi-functioning adult, so I appreciate seeing how other people prepare for the change in seasons. Also, I feel you on the dog thing (seriously, I know you've seen my 75 million dogs all over my IG yaycaitymay). I invested in a semi-nice steam cleaner and it's a godsend. I buy Nature's Miracle by the gallon and spend half of my paychecks on paper towels. I think I'll invest in a professional cleaning after my Dane puppy goes to her new home.

    Also praying for your little bug! I'm sure the babe is growing like a champ.

  2. I am all about #7 and #11 - LOVE IT!

    I haven't truly thought about my fall goals - but I do know one, enjoy the more open schedule. our summer was absolutely ridiculous in the best possible way, but now I'm planning on enjoying some down time. Well, as much down time as you can have with two kids in sports ;) Happy Fall!