Sep 2, 2016

Hello, September

Happy Friday, loves.
September is here and in full swing.

And to be honest, I know this is so very un-like me, but I was actually thrilled to check off the last day of August this week. I have been waiting for September for what seems like an eternity.

I know this month will be just about as busy as every other month, but I am doing my best not to have a ton of actual plans, which is nice.

The transition between seasons typically brings a lot of housework, although I have been diving into projects here and there already.

Window washing, spider-web removal, the hacking-down of our huge overgrown sunflowers, you know....typical stuff. :)

Over Labor Day weekend, we are hosting a few family members, and plan to fill the weekend with fun activities.
It's also Mark's 38th birthday!
A trip on the boat in Lake Michigan and a pool party sound ideal to say sayonara to summer, don'cha think?

I must say, the change in my Lupron protocol has done wonders to my mental state.
Reducing my nightly injection units from 10 units to 5 units has really cleared my head.

I feel like a functioning adult again!

The estrogen patches have been working out as well.
I was warned that I would turn into a bitch, so I don't know if maybe I am already at max-bitch-capacity, or what, but I have actually felt NICER and more productive in the last week.

Imagine that!

Morning gym sessions have been consistent. I am going 4 mornings per week, Monday through Thursday, and then Friday morning's I have monitoring appointments.

I want to lose 3 pounds - Mean Girls

....not really, but I weighed myself Thursday for the first time in about a year, and was surprised to see I had lost a few pounds since the nurse weighed me at one of my visits.
I'll take it knowing I'll probably put them right back on once I start progesterone injections.

At my appointment this morning, the tech said my lining is growing at a good rate.
It's thickness is 9.3mm today. Anything over 8mm is greenlighted for my transfer.

I kind of freaked out because I thought....well if it's already 9.3 it'll be like 18 in two weeks!
And that's not good....because a too thin or too thick lining could mean cancellation.

But the tech calmed me off the ledge by saying a lining is not like making eggs...where they keep growing. It will hover around that number, maybe go up, maybe go down...we'll have to see what it's doing next week.


My protocol will stay as-is for the next week or so, at which point, I will begin ramping up the medication in preparation for our transfer.

I can't believe it's only two weeks away!!

More updates to come. I hope everyone has a kick-ass Labor Day weekend!
Thanks for reading! XO


  1. Looks like everything is looking up for September :) I am not going to lie, I was ready to say good bye to August as well. Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  2. Have a great relaxing weekend friend! Rest up! Continuing to think of you!