Jul 8, 2016

You Know You're a Veteran IVFer When...

1. The clinic doesn't require a consult to issue your upcoming IVF calendar.
2. You know how many days of stim meds you will be taking so can go ahead and make morning ultrasound appointments a month ahead of time to get the "good time."
3. The receptionist knows you by voice.
4. You know the receptionists name.
5. Hell, you know everyone's name at this point (and that's A LOT of people!)
6. You know which magazines are stashed where and what TV show airs during your normal office visits. (Mine is Flea Market Flip and I fucking hate that show)
7. The blood taking nurse is happy to see you again and knows your personal agenda (j/k folks! You have no personal agenda during IVF!)
7a. The blood taking nurse is also thrilled that you've come so far with your blood draws. You don't even flinch now, when you used to pass out!
8. You can actually give your boss enough head's up that you'll need two vacation days for egg retrieval recovery (as opposed to 24 hours notice....that's how we IVFers live our lives....in 24 hours increments)
9. Although the specialty pharmacy(s) are on speed-dial in your phone, you have the main number and dial-by-number prompts memorized reducing your wait time by MINUTES.
10. You also know the price per medication....just to see what insurance is going to cover.
11. You speak to the head nurse more than your mom because she gets you.
12. Your family wants to know when you can enjoy a cocktail again...and you can tell them down to the minute because you've been down this rodeo at least once before.
13. You know which medications require ice, or heat, or BOTH. And which needle goes with which medication.
14. You come up with creative solutions for ALL OF THE STYROFOAM COOLERS that are being shipped to your home....like using them as actual coolers in the off season.

15. You know that NOTHING matters as much as the final embryo count and grading....be it Day 2, 3, 5, 6, or 7....that is ALL an egg retrieval comes down to.
16. You sympathize with other TTCers when you hear words like 450iu (me), 2 powders (me), or multiple cycles (me) because it just means they have work that much harder to get "normal" results.
17. But you also look at those TTCers as FREAKIN' WARRIORS....because dudes, this shit AIN'T FOR THE WEAK.

What would you add? What am I missing?

Today was baseline day and tomorrow starts the first of many, many shots for IVF Round 3!

Have an awesome weekend folks! XO


  1. I hope I never reach this status. I have no idea what I'm doing right now, but I hope it works and I never have to learn.

  2. You got this girl! Third time is a charm!!!