Jul 20, 2016

IVFx3: I Made You a Video

Hi party people!

Last night I made a video to show my nightly injection routine and give a little more information!
It's about a 15 minute video that includes a little background, the actual injections, and swearing, of course.
Take a look!

If you are having trouble viewing this video on my blog, you can check out this link:

IVF Stims Round 3 - Microdose Lupron

I had my third monitoring appointment this morning.
Today will wrap up my 10th day of stimulation injections, and 12th overall day of shots.

With my prior antagonist protocol, today would be the last day of nightly injections and tomorrow would be my trigger.

My follicles are growing slower this time.
Which may very well be a good thing.

They were all hovering around the 15-16mm range when I went in for my appointment.
At this point I am waiting for the confirmation call from the nurse this afternoon, for total follicle numbers and sizes, along with my injection instructions.

Based on this growth, I would assume I have 1-2 more monitoring appointments this week and should trigger by Saturday at the latest.

Thanks for continuing to follow my journey! XO


  1. LOVEDDDDDDD the video it was like I was talking to you...or you were talking to me anyway! Slow and steady sister!! Come on follies!

  2. The Menopur is a bitch! Thanks for sharing. Go, follicles, go!

  3. You have a cute little midwestern accent!!

  4. Great idea on the video . . . keeping you in my thoughts!