Jul 1, 2016

Friday Fun

Alright folks!

I think I have done enough complaining and stressing out for one year...hell, maybe a life time, with all this IVF junk.

Let's focus on some happy shit today, m'kay?

1. Crash

His surgery went well and his recovery is chugging along. He hates his bandages, which isn't shocking at all. I haven't met such a stubborn animal in my entire life #hedoeswhathewants
Here's hoping we don't fall into the 50% category that he becomes a repeat offender.
There is a 50% chance the ear could swell up again.
It would be awesome if that didn't happen.

They also sent him home with the cone of shame.
It's not in the picture because it lasted exactly five minutes.

2. Cat

We are in the home stretch (I think) for round the clock tube feedings. We were told he would have a six week recovery.
Today marks four of those six weeks.
I have a progress appointment tomorrow morning to confirm we are on track, and let me tell you, we are MORE than looking forward to being done with this chapter of our lives!

3. IVF
I am more hopeful than ever that July is our month.
The month to bring better progression, response and results to our journey.
Through thick and thin (and sometimes thinner than a sliver) I truly am looking forward to starting Round 3 next week.
We don't know until we try and all the Googling in the whole world won't yield positive results.
It will only result in me going more crazy than I already am.
So bring on the next round of 30+ shots. #letsdothis
No more variables. No more maybe's. In the end, it's either a yes or a no, and it's out of my hands.
Sing it with me now...Let it go! LET IT GO!!

4. Mark
We have both officially hit our breaking points this year in terms of too much to do and not enough time to do it in. Something has to give.
Mark was by my side about a month ago when I just couldn't fathom any positive outcomes with IVF, work was insane, and then our cat got hurt.

To quote The Simpsons....we had three problems and no monies. Sigh....

It was Mark's turn this week. He takes on too much and it gets overwhelming sometimes.
Sometimes it feels like we are in over our heads...adulting becomes too hard, etc.

Life gets weird, but we'll get through it.

I guess this one wasn't exactly fun, but what I'm getting at it is...he is my rock, and I his.

5. 4th of July
Hallelujah for a LOOOONNNGGG ass weekend.
Every single day of vacation time taken this year has been used for egg retrieval recovery, and it has to stop. I am taking an extra day off from work and Mark and I are sailing off into the sunset together for the 4th.
This may very well be my last hurrah with no agenda, no limits, and no doctors telling me to lay off the booze.
Imbibe I shall!
It is the 'Merican way after all, amiright?

And with that, I'm off to relax and party my ass off!
Stay thirsty, my friends! XO


  1. Enjoy your well deserved long weekend!

  2. Enjoy that time off and with Mark . . . y'all deserve a much needed and relaxing break together! I feel like July is going to be your month too - it's my birthday month so I have high hopes for July all around! Glad Crash and kitty are doing well! Happy 4th!

  3. Hope you two enjoy your long weekend! You deserve it!

  4. Happy fourth Tia!!! Hope you and Mark got some much needed downtime this long weekend!

  5. Hope y'all had a FABBBB weekend my beautiful friend! And hope you had a few rounds for me!!!!