Jul 6, 2016

4th of July

I hope everyone had an absolute blast this weekend!
I took a (much needed) extra day off, extending our little vaca to four days.

Saturday and Sunday were spent around the house.
We had some friends and family over to swim on Saturday, thinking it was going to be the only sunny day.

And then Sunday rolled around and it was even more beautiful!

We attempted to invite a few people over to swim, but agendas were super busy this weekend, and everyone seemed to have plans already.

No big deal though!
We floated around for a few hours and then bar-hopped while the sun went down.

In between fun, we had to get a few things accomplished prior to out little overnight excursion.

The cat had a follow-up appointment.
We are ready and scheduled for him to have his jaw un-bound and tube removed on the 15th!

Insurance wouldn't let me re-fill my birth control pills until the 4th of July.
Of course my local Walgreens was closed, so I had the prescription transferred to a 24 hour Walgreens in a nearby town, so I could take the 2 additional pills required for my upcoming IVF calendar.

By 1pm we were on the road to Winthrop Harbor, just the two of us.
We got the boat in the water and quickly settled in.

Beers in hand, we jetted over to Waukegan to get some food and check out a blues band.

For fireworks, we drove up to Kenosha and watched their fireworks and all the local towns along the waterfront.

It was an absolute blast!
The first time we drove in the dark and everything went smoothly.
We made it back to the harbor just before midnight and tucked in.

Sunday morning Mark headed home briefly to handle the animals.
I made some coffee on the boat and went for a long walk.
When it wasn't sunny, I was reading a book called Laughing is Conceivable..a funny take on IVF.

Mark arrived back at the boat around 10am and we grabbed a bite to eat at the local bar.
The rest of the afternoon was out on the water.

It was just beautiful. The waves were very calm and sun was shining.
We jumped in Lake Michigan a few times to cool off and lounged around listening to Classic Rock the rest of the time.

I love our little excursions.
Crowds are fun but time spent just the two of us is my favorite.
A chance to reconnect and just be silly.

This was the perfect weekend as we gear up for IVFx3 this week.

I finished my last birth control pill and head in for my baseline ultrasound this Friday.
The remaining med deliveries arrive this week and we are chugging right along!

Thanks for reading!! Make it a good one! XO


  1. Sounds like the perfect relaxing weekend, glad it was well spent!

  2. Agree! What a perfect weekend. I was confused for a minute...she's TTC but she's also taking birth control. Such a complicated process...best of luck as you go into your next round...set? : )

  3. Whoa - your weekend sounds glorious out on the water! Love that you and Mark got that relaxing time together! And so happy the kitty gets his jaw "fixed" on the 15th - not a moment too soon I'm sure!

  4. Ah, this whole post made me so happy! sounds like an absolute blast and just what to two of you needed :)

  5. I feel like we'd be the best of friends if we lived closer... we love all the same things! :) So glad you got an extra day and a little time together - it's much-deserved! And how great is that flamingo float? Best $18 I ever spent!