Jun 29, 2016

The Halfway Point

I re-read this blog in its entirety over the weekend.
At least, all the posts pertaining to baby-making.

2012 seems like such a long time ago, right?

My posts from 2015 were filled with so much hope and optimism.
Counting down the months, days, hours...until our first IVF consultation.

A consultation I never thought I would ever have to make.
I was thrilled and nervous and excited. The possibilities were endless.

And of course I had a general timeline.
One that included, in bold print, that the goal of 2016 would be to complete all the set-up, retrievals, and testing necessary to yield a perfect little babe.
By July.

Yup, my goal was to be completed by July.
Today is June 29th, we are just past the half-way point of the entire year, and July is definitely going to come and go without us being 50% complete with everything.

I thought FOR SURE we would need no more than six months for everything.
It had to be enough time, right?

But it just hasn't been.
And not for lack of trying and pushing people and shortening time lines.

I have been on top of my logistical game and it has been awesome to stretch those "muscles" for myself, for a change, instead of coordination for others at work.

The image above? That's a little countdown app I have on my phone that counts down the days for major events.
IVF #3 starts next Friday.
I'd like to say third time's a charm, but there are just so many variables, I don't know what to expect.

I am on a different protocol this time. One that my doctor hopes I respond to better, but it could also go in the complete opposite direction.
Cancelled only to re-start.

My new "goal", if you will, is to have a successful embryo transfer by December 31, 2016.
I have six months remaining.

To an outsider looking in, six months is a mighty long time.
But to me, I feel like the door is half-way closed already.

In those six months, I will need to complete 1-2 more retrievals.
This eats up July with #3 and up to two additional months for a 4th retrieval.

Then the testing.
PGD testing of any viable embryos takes roughly three weeks for results.

Then the frozen embryo transfer.
Assuming we just need one attempt, a single transfer requires 8 weeks of prep (including a month of birth control).

At the bare minimum, the best case scenario would be the following:

- IVF #3 stims begin July 9th with retrieval by the 23rd.
- IVF #3 embryos grow for 5-6 days and any viable ones are biopsied and batched with IVF #2's singleton.
- IVF #4 piggy-backs without a break (like #1 and #2 did) and I start up immediately for my final retrieval.
- IVF #4 stims begin around August 5th with retrieval around the 20th.
- IVF #4 embryos grow for 5-6 days and any viable ones are biopsied and batched with the other ones from IVF #2 and #3.

The final retrieved cells are shipped overnight for testing with the other batched cells, which triggers a three week results lead time.

- I go on birth control with my next period to begin prep for a frozen embryo transfer.
Start birth control pills around September 1st.

- Results are available from PGD testing by September 16th. (and hopefully we have TWO perfect embryos!)

- Birth control ends around September 25th and stim protocol for frozen transfer begins.

- Protocol last for approximately two weeks.

- Transfer takes place around October 8th.

- Blood draw for (positive) pregnancy test around October 17th.


And this is BEST CASE.
There are so many other variables.

An IVF retrieval could get cancelled.
I may have to go on birth control between #3 and #4 retrieval, extending this time line another month.

The first transfer may not take, and if we have another embryo, then we'd do another transfer, but that's another 2 months!!

I am writing this out to get it out of my system.
It is so overwhelming that I literally can only think of what is happening in the next week.
I hope God is on my side with this one, and everything runs as smooth as silk for the rest of the year.

On a completely different note, if you're still reading, please send positive vibes and prayers to Crash, our oldest French Bulldog.

His hematoma never went down with the Prednisone protocol, and is heading in for twilight surgery on his ear to drain the blood/fluid, tomorrow morning.
I always get nervous when the animals go under anesthesia.

Hopefully the procedure will go by quickly and so will his recovery.

Finally, we have approximately 16 days (or less) of tube feedings with the cat.
Just about two weeks left and he will be back to his old self.

He goes in for one final surgery to un-bind his teeth and take out of the feeding tube at the end, and we could not be happier knowing we are rounding the corner to the end of this shit show!

Happy Wednesday folks! Make it a good one! XO


  1. Reading your posts and I'm thinking, no way could I keep my sh*t together like you have been able to do! I know there must be many moments when you feel out of control, but like I've said before - YOU GOT THIS!!! All the best to Crash and Kitty.

  2. This is so frustrating, but you are so strong. Prayers for you and for the animals.

  3. This totally takes forever and when you're adding in multiple retrieval attempts you're really adding time time and frustration! And dang that Crash I sure hate to hear that. Glad that little kitty is down to a few weeks. GIRLFRIEND you are really kicking butt with everything that you're going through.

  4. You got this girl! You'll forget how long this lasted when you are not getting any sleep with a newborn! Happy 4th!