Jun 15, 2016

Life Updates

Although Mark labeled this The Summer of Injections, we are still trying to live as normally as possible, all things considered.

Of course life is anything but mundane these days.

Summer is in full swing which means trying to cram in fun most weeks.

We are living each week based on the weather.
If the day is good, we get in gear for either a pool day or a boat day.

This last weekend yielded both, which was awesome AND exhausting.
We zipped to Chicago for our maiden voyage on the boat to watch the Louis Vuitton Catamaran races.
And although we got there a tad too late and could hardly see anything, it was still nice to not be sitting inside staring at a cat feeding tube for a few hours.

If we aren't on the boat, the back-up plan is to lounge by the pool.
The dogs seems to know how to do this best.

So spoiled, right?

These moments are fleeting, though.
For every minute of fun, there seems to be a never-ending to-do list that includes four hours a day of cat feedings.

Four hours a day....now gone...when I used to fill that time cleaning or organizing or just zoning the fuck out...man.

We have a decent routine now, but some days seem to get the best of me.
Every day, I get up, do everything on my list, and collapse at the end of the day exhausted.
But sleep is lost.
I have been a machine, powering through every minute.
Sleep has been little, worry has been a lot sometimes, and sometimes I just can't keep it together.

Balancing our emotions while we work to heal our cat, while we work to maintain our home, while we work to...well...WORK, has been difficult some days.

Work is busy. That's a good thing. But it doesn't make it easier.
I am training a new girl, who luckily is doing awesome and taking the reigns as I had hoped.

I am (finally) moving into my office and getting it set up to my liking...dodging the snide remarks from more tenured employees from time to time.

Don't people understand that someone in HR actually needs a private office...you know...for PRIVATE conversations?

It's a thing, I promise.

Anyways, back at home, it's a whole new world, making something else the center of my attention most days.
I suppose, in a way, this is a small snippet into the years ahead of me as a mom.

Because these feedings, although relatively simple in theory, take a lot out of us.
The prep, feeding, and cleaning of each tube, making sure we have the right meds mixed, removed the air bubbles,etc, is a process.

The cat was losing weight so it freaks out Mark.
His parents cat is on its way out, and Mark keeps comparing it to our own.
And I try to calm Mark while helping to get the cat up to speed.
All the while I keep my own emotions at bay.

Until I can't.

Sunday was a rough day for me.

I was in between finishing the cat's feeding tube and starting his water tube, when he decided to launch himself onto Mark's bed, shooting sloshy wet food all. over. the place.

I mean, it was everywhere.
A complete blow out.

This was AFTER the cat peed in my bed, causing me to wash my sheets for the millionth time.
Now starting another load for the issue at hand.

And the dogs were freaking out the whole time.
Barking at the neighbor dogs.
Whining that I wasn't with them.

I couldn't be in three places at once.
It just all seemed too much.
In that moment.

I was overly tired but couldn't sleep.
I kept thinking I was going to miss a feeding or something if I actually slept, so would jerk awake just as I dozed off.
Over and over and over again.

I'm back on track though. Tomorrow is another day.

I vowed, during my month off from injections, to get back in the gym.
Even if it means 45 minutes less sleep, which might seem contradictory.
I think it's important, though.
To release stress and center myself.

So far it seems to be working.
Plus, I received an awesome gift from a great friend, that I wear upside down so I can look at it often.

Stay Strong.
Can do, my friends. Can do.

And on a random note, check out this photo of my parents!
So retro!

My mom was about my age in this photo! (Hell, maybe younger, I think this was pre-kids)
With Father's Day coming and my mom's birthday just after, I thought this was fitting to share!

Thanks for reading! XO


  1. You on that boat...so badass, just love that picture. Stay strong...what a great reminder. Sending positive vibes :)

  2. Seems like you and I have both been on an emotional roller coaster, just for different reasons. Stay strong! And I will try to do the same :D

  3. Your parents were classy peeps! LOVE it!

  4. That boat day looks amazing. That view! Hang in there with everything else. You know what they say? This too shall pass. That pic of your parents is awesome. I see your face in your mom's. I LOVE their hair! They so have that whole feathered thing down.

  5. Your parents look absolutely darling.

    And oh, I am so so glad you love the bracelet. I'm wearing mine daily friend!!

  6. That's a lot going on, and sick animals are so sad. I'm sorry you're not getting to relax much during your break from shots.

  7. I'm sorry your plate is so full right now...poor kitty. At least you had some boat and pool time and made the gym a priority - gotta keep yourself sane!

  8. I just spent yesterday and today catching up on all your old posts I missed . . . geez, you've been busy. Poor kitty. Makes me so sad but so moved by your devotion to taking care of him. And boom for getting to the gym in the midst of life and all the busyness of it . . . I'm sure it's a nice mental break! And prayers, virtual hugs and high fives for handling all the IVF "stuff" like a boss . . . I know you'll make a great mom, and I'm sure it will be sooner than you think!!!