Apr 8, 2016

Week in review

Happy Friday!
This week is wrapping up on a high note. Here are some highlights:

1. I told the boss man.
Those that follow on Instagram (@tgendooza) know that I was SUPAH nervous about doing this.
I have worked at various shitty jobs in the past, and there is no way in Hell I would ever feel comfortable telling any prior bosses ahead of time. But, after I found out some information about my current boss, I figured....what the Hell....and decided it would be better to let him know ahead of time (especially if I need time away at the last minute #unprofessional, or if I'm feeling terrible as an effect of the meds)
He responded positively, with a do what you gotta do response, and mentioned again that his wife had a terrible time with administering the shots.

2. I bought new running shoes.

Although I LOVED my old ones...they were just that....old. My IT band was starting to hurt in my right leg and whenever I start pain (outside of general soreness) I know it's time to change.  I bought them on Zappos HERE if you're interested!

3. My parents paid our credit card debt.
All you ttc-ers...do NOT get all "you bitch" about this statement. Let me explain.
First, I don't accept hand outs. Period. My dad, who is insane about un-necessary fees and interest rates, offered to pay off our current credit card debt, and in turn, I pay HIM back each month.
The difference being, I don't pay the credit card company thousands of dollars in fees this year.  I realize how incredibly generous this is, especially with his own cancer treatments and who-not.
At first I flat out refused. No way, no how.
But when he finally said he would be disappointed in me and angry if I didn't accept, I basically had to.  So now my dad's my bank until we get done with this IVF junk, and I thank my lucky stars that he taught me about finances. This is the first time I would have ever accumulated enough debt to actually get a fee in the first place! #crisisaverted

4. Mark loves me.
He was worried I hadn't called one evening when I left for work. I typically always call the second I walk out the door, but for whatever reason, I got tied up, left late, got stuck in traffic from a freight train (rage!) and walked in the door 30 minutes later than usual. AND forgot to call.
I didn't even think of it, but Mark mentioned he was really worried, and I just smiled.
I swear I don't ever think he gets worried about me, but I'm realizing more and more every day (especially with the next point) that he is really concerned about my well-being.

5. All of this shit arrived to my house this week.

I mean, I KNOW fellow IVF-ers are all .....pssh! been there done that! But seriously...that is A LOT of meds. And they all have to go INTO my body. I think when the needles first arrived, I was comparing just how far they go into my abdomen....assuming it might come out the other side.
I could not think of a better time to want a drink, and this is NOT the time to do it!!

6. I have kept our plants alive for over a month!
Now, I nearly killed one of them, but as a former black-thumb lady....I am pleased with the progress thus far. And to think I could kill a cactus!

7. No major side effects from pills/vitamins besides a never-seemingly-quenchable thirst.
The generic Synthroid dries me out. I honestly haven't even been drinking at my normal rate because I spend most of my time chugging water.
Drinking tolerance has lowered a lot. Tend to say "I'm so drunk" about 1.5 drinks in these days.
The addition of the other new supplement, Myo-Insotol, really is a mood booster! I have a ton more energy, it seems....at least for now.

8. Genetic follow-up went well...
I had a follow-up call with the genetics counselor at lunch today. We went over our PGD set-up, expected outcomes, etc. Obviously nothing is guaranteed, so I'm just trying to stay positive at this point.
A little math and statistics, if you're interested:
PGD Testing for our specific mutation will yield a 90% accuracy rate. Much higher than our original 1 in 4 chance of rolling the dice, but not quite 100%.
PGS testing for chromosomal abnormalities yields a 97% accuracy rate. This detects things like down's syndrome.

We can expect roughly 60-65% of all the biopsied embryos to be chromosomally normal, and of those 60-65%, roughly 75% of those embryos will also be mutation free.

This means that if we test 10 embryos, 6 of them should be chromosomally normal, and 4 of those 6 should also be mutation free.

However, I have heard of reports as low as 10% of the original 10 embryos making it.
All we need it 1, so I'm hoping to end up with 2 for good measure.
Anything else will be a miracle.

9. FINALLY....My new domain name!!
No longer does it have that gross ending.....blogspot.com.
I registered a real, grown-up, website domain, so now you can type in shehasgoodgenes.com and it'll show up! MAGIC!! (Unfortunately, the old blog name does not re-direct, because I just changed the name, not the whole blog...so just get on board, m'kay?!)

That's it for updates! Thanks for reading!! XO


  1. Best of luck blog friend! Looks like your week wrapped up better than mine :/

  2. A few things:

    1. I can't get over that medicine. Can't. get. over. it.
    2. Isn't that insane about how thirsty you get on sythroid? That's how I am like, permanently. When I decide to have a glass of wine I then have to drink like 475 glasses of water to offset it. HA!
    3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new name Tia! Great choice! Congrats :)

    Happy Friday my dear! We need a date on the calendar soon with the husbands!

  3. Yay, found you! I love your blog, it took us 3yrs to have our first baby (now 10 & 8) but once they arrive you forget what you went through. My sis in law has been on the IVF 'ride' for two yrs now & I find reading your blog helps me to understand & empathize with whats she's going through.

  4. Yay, found you! I love your blog, it took us 3yrs to have our first baby (now 10 & 8) but once they arrive you forget what you went through. My sis in law has been on the IVF 'ride' for two yrs now & I find reading your blog helps me to understand & empathize with whats she's going through.

  5. Glad you found a new blog home. Although I still think there is a way to redirect the old blog - did you shut the old one down completely? If not, you can have your last blog post say something like my link below when my brother switched my domain name.


    At least you won't have people like me chasing you down asking "where the F did she go?!"


  6. That's a whole lotta meds! Down the hatch (or thru the needle, whatevs)! :)

  7. Yay... this is all good stuff! Yikes all of those meds scare me too but you can do it! It's nice to have someone that worries about you:)

  8. That post about your boss is amazing! What incredible luck.

    That is such a wonderful thing your dad did for you.

    The meds: you can do this.

    The genetics stuff is so interesting. Is that 60-65% chromosomally normal rate the rate for all embryos? Or does the mutation or something affect your expected rate? So if you don't transfer embryos with the mutation, that would mean the remaining embryos had a 1/3 chance of not being a carrier and a 2/3 chance of being a carrier but not having the mutation? Feel free to refuse to answer any question you think is too nosey.