Apr 14, 2016

We got our Calendar!

The drive from our home to Highland Park is about an hour, and the commute never gets easier.
Driving horizontally across the state seems to take so. much. longer. than driving vertically (like to and from Chicago).
There is no interstate to jump on, it's basically just one lane side streets for-e-ver.

So Mark and I had our Nurse Consultation this morning.
During a consultation, the IVF nurse will have you complete all the many forms that have to be signed off, and give you your shot calendar with instructions.

She starts telling me that I will be on birth control through Sunday and will go in for my first baseline and blood draw Wednesday.

PERFECT! I say....that's actually my last day of the pills.

Really?! We've never given a calendar to someone that lined up so perfectly! What luck!

Ok...I'm thinking. This is good. The stars are already aligning.

So we finish all the consent forms and she pulls out her bag of tricks, aka, needles and vials and medication, oh my!

One by one, Mark and I stare at her while she shows us how to load a cartridge, or attach the needle, or mix the medication.
I feel like we've been watching her for an hour, and honestly, my ADD is starting to kick in, so there were a couple times I had to have her repeat herself because I kept going cross-eyed.

The more I stare at the needles, the less intimidating they look.

Like, I really think I can do this nonsense myself!
I'd like to have Mark double check my work prior to each injection, so I don't mix things incorrectly or have air bubbles or whatever, but I think I'll have the courage to just knock it out myself.

I start both Follistim (450u) and Menopur (150u) next Friday.

I take both shots to the abdomen each night for (4) nights until my next monitoring appointment where they will find out how I am responding to the drugs and what needs to be adjusted.

Ganirelix is joining the party at some point, so I'll have further instructions as they become available.

Otherwise, over the next few weeks, my life will be a series of stabbings and hoo-ha prodding until we get the green light to trigger!

I think my retrieval will occur the first week of May.

So that's it for now loves!!
T-minus one week and I plan to soak up the sun and care-free lifestyle as much as possible!!


  1. AHHHH!!!! I am so excited for you it's like I'm starting again and it's just my excitement for you! Stabbings and wandings coming to a uterus near you!!! ACK! THIS IS IT!!

  2. It's all happening! Thinking of you! And I'm loving your design, of course!

  3. Getting real! Enjoy your week. I'm so excited for you.

  4. Your strength & determination is inspirational.

  5. Hi, Tia. Nice to find your blog.
    This post is so filled with good vibes. I'm excited for you.
    Enjoy the sun!