Apr 18, 2016

The Weekend I Met Lady Gaga

A non-IVF post?
Let's hop to it!

This weekend, in the suburbs of Chicago, was just GORGEOUS.
High 70's...sunshine...summer is here!!
I spent so much time outside I managed to get a little too much sun (totally forgot sun block, except for my foundation!) but it was All. Good.

Our weekend was rather productive!

I had picked out some flowers from Home Depot Friday afternoon, and had them staged to be planted first thing Saturday morning.

We woke up around 6:30...as usual, to the sound of dog whining.

A couple cups of coffee later and I hit the pavement for an outdoor run.
My new running shoes are working out nicely! No more IT band issues!

After I got home, I planted all my flowers, took a shower, and waited for Mark to get home.
We had planned to cruise around...bar-hopping....enjoying the awesome weather.

At the second and last bar, we figured we'd stay for one beer, but a friend wanted to meet up so we hung around a bit more.

A couple of beers later, the sun was starting to tire me out, so we planned to leave soon after.
The bar we were at is a local favorite...a divey, weathered bunker on the Chain o' Lakes.

It's favored by boaters and bikers alike.

So we're perched on a high-top, near the docks, and straight ahead I notice a small group of bikers walking down the dock towards us.

I whisper to Mark....that looks just like Lady Gaga.

No way....he replies.

My eyes get wide.....it IS her. It IS!! 
Even though she was wearing huge sunglasses, her iconic platinum blonde hair and nose gave it away.

Lady Gaga is right there. In front of me. Holding hands with her hot husband, Taylor.

Holy. Shit....I say much too loudly for how they were to us.

She looks towards me and I freeze.

Holy fuck! Holy fuck! What do you do in this situation!?!?!

Inside I am wanting to tackle her like a pre-teen to One Direction...but am trying to play it cool.


Without thinking, Mark and I both instantly hop up from where we are sitting and head out to the parking lot.


There were a couple of small groups of bikers hanging around in the same area, and they clearly had the same idea, because they were just "sitting" on their bikes.

That bike is hers...one of them says.

Holy Crap.

I spin around to see her and Taylor walking down the parking lot.....RIGHT. TOWARDS. US.

I had originally planned to see if she wanted to get a photo, but it didn't feel right, so I tucked my camera away as we approached them.


Like a total fucking goof....I blurt out...."Mother Monster! I love your work! You are an inspiration! Can I shake your hand?!"

She is so fucking cool...man!...she smirks and grabs my hand like we're old friends.
She then does the same to Mark.
Mark says how much he loved listening to her interviews on Howard Stern.

They both laughed after the quick introduction, then walked on.

Let's back up for a second....What kind of grown ass woman calls someone else Mother Monster?!?!
Hahahaha....I totally panicked. YOLO.

Granted, we totally ignored Taylor. I honestly could not remember his first name at the time so didn't want to say something even more ridiculous than Mother Monster...

As they walked past, I turned towards them and again blurted something totally ridiculous....THANK YOU FOUR SUPPORTING THIS BAR! (Like I fucking work there?! What is WRONG with me!)

I couldn't help it.
I was totally fan-girling.
Nothing could stop me.

I look at Mark and he is basically freaking out as much as I was so I didn't feel like a total asshole.



We then gathered our stuff, but not before I tried to slyly snap a photo.
Don't worry, I cropped out my sexy double chin already.

That's her! Platinum blonde under the helmet!
So cool right!?!?


The evening wrapped up on a slightly shittier tone, and I won't be getting into detail, but let's just say I am always shocked at the level of insensitivity and obvious jealously and...anger? of total strangers.

To put this lightly...if you feel as though spending your time comparing what I do/have/worked for/wear....is making you jealous or angry....walk away.

I am a happy person not looking for drama.
I don't think it's cool to complain about and judge other people.
I don't think it brings anything positive to the table, to walk around with a sour puss attitude all the time.
I also don't think it's normal to assume anyone owes you an explanation about anything if you weren't involved in the first place.

Like I JUST WROTE....comparison is the thief of joy...and I won't be a part of an obvious attempt take my life down a peg.

Don't like what I'm wearing? Zero fucks given.

Don't like my house or don't think we deserve it? Bless your heart...

Don't think we deserve to drive around in a specific car one day? Super fucking awesome! 


Quit following, stop reading, and for Christ sake....find something HAPPY in your own life.

Being miserable is like a full time job for some people!

I have found that when people make shitty, snarky, judgmental comments to others, especially when they don't even know each other, it's because they are having major troubles with their own lifestyle...and lacking major confidence.

It's QUITE a defense mechanism.

I found my tribe.
Go find yours.

Life is too fucking short to be a shit head.

I only surround myself with people that do not judge me, my life, and my family, and who only spread positivity.

Vile human beings need not apply.

I'll just be over here stabbing myself with needles to get pregnant and chilling in our pool.
You know, the one we spent all day Sunday cleaning?!

Summer is just around the corner!!!

Bye Felicia. XO


  1. Your story and recap of meeting her is seriously awesome. I am cracking up. I'm also sorry people have to be assholes, I'm glad you rise above it!

  2. That's awesome!! I would have totally freaked out and said something dumb too haha. Taylor is actually from my hometown and they are in the area a few times a year, I saw her from afar at a bar once but was too scared to go up to her. I"m so glad she was so sweet to you! Go and enjoy that pool!!!!

  3. This story made my morning. You are hilarious. Want me to beat up the assholes? I'm little, but fiery.

  4. At least you had the guts to say s/t to her!!! I would have totally freaked out and hid in my shell! AWESOME!!! I totally 100% LOVE her!

  5. So. Cool. I have never met anyone famous. I'm not a major fan, but I definitely respect her talent. Did you see her in American Horror Story. Absolutely twisted and brilliant. I think you handled it well! I too would really want to take a picture (and I know that some do), but I don't think I'd ask either.

  6. I still can't believe you met her. Tia, I feel like it's a serious sign something good is around the corner for you :) :)

  7. I love Lady Gaga and would have reacted the same way you did... though probably worse! I think she is the coolest. What a fun weekend. I know you guys needed it!

  8. SHUT UP...SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! THIS HAPPENED!!!! Oh my gosh, girl, I am fawning over here! I would have flipped my ish girl! And I love what you wear, that fun car you drove, and people often forget that comparison is a JOY THIEF!! Why not celebrate with those who are celebrating?? Then we all win! HELLURRRR...WINNING!!!!

  9. that is pretty cool!I was hoping to see them when we went to Chicago a few years ago :)