Apr 1, 2016

IVF Update: Week 1 Suppression

We made it to Friday.
Thank the lawd baby jebus.
I can't tell you how happy I am knowing last week was awesome, because this week has already thrown me for a loop!

First thing's first.
I had a baseline ultrasound Monday morning and a bunch of blood drawn (FIVE vials) to re-test for all the crap we did about a year ago, but needed to update.

Turns out my thyroid is a tad higher than they'd like to see right now.
Although I am within the normal range (between 2-4 is considered normal. I am 2.55) the nurse said I would need to lower that number a tad while going through IVF and ultimately a pregnancy.
I didn't blink an eye when she said I would be starting generic Synthroid right away as well as birth control.

So I have been taking Lutera and generic Synthroid for about a week now.
I kept Googling side effects because I swear, this week has just knocked me out.
I feel like I could sleep for 3 days straight!
I took the week off from the gym to let the new drugs settle in and figure out how I am feeling from them.
I keep sleeping through my alarm and am groggy all morning, which isn't exactly ideal.
Hopefully this will subside when I start back up at the gym.
I need all the energy I can muster!

The logistics have been out of control.
We scheduled our nursing consult for the 14th to go over how to administer the injections and to hand over all the signed paperwork (ie - sign our life away). I am assuming I'll be getting our calendar with injection protocol at that time as well.

But in order to move forward with all this, we have to pay for something.

Originally it was a deposit towards our deductible....just under $2,000.
But since we also have to order all of our meds prior to the 18th, the billing department wants to determine how much those will end up costing me because the chances of me maxing out my deductible with the meds alone are pretty high.

My deductible is $3,500 and one cycle of medication typically runs an upwards of $7,000.
I should know the damage soon and pay for whatever I need to get going.

Mark has to do another SA after his new insurance kicks in and we have to rifle through a bunch of paperwork this weekend.

I have a follow-up phone call with the genetics lab on the 8th.

My current time-line is to complete one cycle of birth control (3 weeks of pills plus 1 week of period), followed by another baseline and the start of my stimulation injections.

Retrieval is tentatively scheduled for the week before Mother's Day if all goes as "planned."

Holy. Shit.

I am feeling good though.
Positive and relaxed as I possibly can be...all things considered.
My goal is to just stay on top of any unanswered questions at this point.
It's kind of nice not to have to figure everything out for once.
I have someone calling me and telling me what needs to be done each week.

On the home front, with the addition of some greenery in the dining room, I have officially closed the books on interior renovations for this season.

We have our sights on the outdoor areas now.
Mark has a couple of projects he wants to tackle and I'd like to plant some more flowers in the empty beds around our home.

But honestly, I am taking a break from the never-ending upkeep of this home for a hot minute.
I can assure you my hormones are going to be nuts during injections and there will be a period of recovery after the retrieval.

Emotions will be high and our finances will be tight, so anything I add to that plate will probably only stress me out more.

So there you have it folks, one week down, three to go.
Thanks for reading!!


  1. Synthroid made me so so tired at first, but my body did get used to it pretty quickly! I hope yours does, too!

  2. Your dining room looks stunning. So excited for you!

  3. Ah I feel bad - as if all the IVF drugs weren't enough let's throw one more into the mix! :( I hope your body figures out synthroid soon and you can get some much needed energy back!

    Love the dining room greens!