Apr 29, 2016

In One Year...

I took this photo one year ago today.
I was sitting outside listening to the birds chirping, sipping coffee with my bulldogs, around 9:30am.

I had just been laid off from a job I (literally) poured my blood, sweat, and tears into, and was surprisingly optimistic about the future.

I suppose it's unusual to think this way after being canned from a job that I truly did love, but the company was changing and it was time for me to find something better.

And today proves that I did.

This week I received a hard-earned (and well deserved, imo) promotion with all the bells and whistles. New title, substantial recognition, private office, the whole deal.

It's a role I have been working towards for a very long time, although I wasn't able to fully realize my potential until I had a good boss and a good team backing my decisions.

I am counting my blessings because sometimes life just falls into place.
I am happy because I worked really, really hard to get to this position within my company, knowing it can only help with our future goals for our home, retirement, kids....everything.

I am a firm believer at sticking to your guns, rolling up your sleeves, and putting in an honest effort to get the most out of life. Staying true to yourself will eventually pay off, regardless of the hurdles in your immediate future.

Also a blessing? I have a belly full of big ole' eggs that are nearly ripe for the picking.

I am on Day 8 of my stimulation protocol. Although I am waiting for the official call from my nurse this afternoon, the ultrasound tech indicated the majority of my eggs are hovering around 15-17mm in size.

The ideal size before we trigger their release is between 18-20mm.

Growth is roughly 2mm per day, so as you can see, unless all Hell breaks loose, I am probably going to complete my stimulation protocol and do my final trigger injection (in dat booty) this weekend!

I have already given my boss notice that Tuesday will most likely be retrieval day, and I plan to take off Wednesday as well for recovery.

I would be shocked if this doesn't happen because belee me....I am starting to get uncomfortably bloated.

You know when you are on the brink of your period and you feel like you are just getting bigger and bigger but nothing is really happening yet?....Yea....that.

At first I was all worked up about not being able to work out. But between morning and evening stabbing sessions, multiple monitoring appointments and trying to get my new life together at work...I just haven't found the time this week.

I did try to do a light jog to the car one morning and it pretty much felt like my ovaries were going to explode and fall out my butt so maybe I shouldn't have been concerned in the first place!

Things that were surprising to me about this week?

I completely lacked the crazy hormones that I totally figured would happen.
Not once did I ever just start crying randomly or become irrationally angry.

I have actually been relatively chill...it's almost shocking.

I got nervous to start the shots in the first place, and was nervous to start the morning shots, and I am sure I will be nervous to have a 1.5" needle jabbed into my butt muscle this weekend.

But I'm feeling good for the most part.

The evening of Day 7's shots hurt the worst.

It hurts every time, but the pain is short lived and it's over almost immediately.
But man....last night was rough. My stomach is still tender to the touch so I don't know if my gut is just over being constantly punctured or what...but it was no bueno.

And then...this morning's Ganirelix shot was easy peasy. I didn't even feel it!

Like I said before, every day is different and I feel like I'm only going to have to do this for another day or so, and THAT'S what I'm focusing on.

And now I'm rambling...so if you're still reading...thanks!

I guess the original intent of this post was to say...a lot of shit can happen in a year.
Change is a good thing, and for me, this past year has made a lot of what I have been working towards a reality.

I always believed having a city job would be an un-necessary uphill struggle to expand our family.

My goal was to find a job at a company that would celebrate my career AND our hope for a baby....and shut down the stigma that the "good jobs" with the "good salaries" are only in the city.

That's not true and I am living proof.

You want something?

You fight to get it.
Learn the ropes.
Make the sacrifices.
Don't take the first offer on the table.
Know your worth.
Stay humble.
Let your voice be heard.

And with that...I'm off.
The chances of me updating the blog until post-recovery are slim, so please feel free to follow along on Instagram (@tgendooza).
Thank you for reading and happy weekend! XO


  1. beautifully written! good luck on your retrieval.

  2. Congrats on the promo! And on feeling bloated and full of eggs, ha! :) Good luck w/ that big mamajama needle!

  3. Congratulations! That is amazing! I'm glad you're feeling pretty good, also. Exciting stuff!

  4. I'm sorry this is so past due, but congrats on the promotion!!! It must feel amazing after all that hardwork and passion.