Mar 4, 2016

Three More Weeks

You guys.
Three. More. Weeks until our PGD set-up is complete!


We are halfway through the dreaded six week wait.
Sometimes it feels like the weeks are flying by and some days we're moving at a snails pace.

I have been trying to focus my attention on anything else, until we reach the end of a week, then I get giddy looking at all the days crossed off my planner, knowing we are THAT. MUCH. CLOSER.

I finally cut myself off on spending money with home upgrades.
I still have painting and organizing to do, but any projects that are leftover will have to wait.

Side note: ceiling painting is THE WORST! I finally finished all four ceilings last weekend and just KNEW at some point my head was going to roll down my back from craning my neck up for so long!

My creativity is spent and I'm kind of over this season of home renovation.
This week should be the last week of 30 degree temps and I'd like to wrap up all my painting this weekend.

Bring on summer and outdoor activities!

I made one last shopping trip this week that I was probably most excited about.
Home Depot.

Has anyone SEEN the house plants they have?

Eah. Mah. Gah.

What dork gets THAT excited about plants?

This girl.

Now to determine if I can keep them alive.

On another note, my dad is doing great.
He has met with multiple doctors, had a bunch of tests performed, and after getting all the recent results, his seems to be in the best possible position.

I'm not sure if I ever said exactly what he has.
I guess I was waiting to determine the level of severity and if there was anything else to worry about.
There are varying stages of concern with any cancer and I wanted to make sure we had all the facts.

So my dad has prostate cancer.
I have been told many times over that this is very common and the best one he could get, if he had to choose.
His MRI results came back to confirm he is in the very preliminary stages of peripheral prostate cancer, which is the region it is known to develop most often.
Nothing has metastasized to nearby organs.

His survival rate for a five year period, as of now, is 98%.

He is still working with specialists to determine the proper course of action because obviously it would be better if it just went away instead of living his life in 3 month increments, knowing it could possibly get worse at any point.

We all breathed a sigh of relief after this week.

Obviously it's still scary. Cancer is scary.
But it's the best news we could hope for at this point.
I feel blessed as it could be so much worse.

I am also thrilled that it has forced his hand to live a better lifestyle.

He is back at the gym most days and eating healthier.
A high-antioxidant diet tends to ward off free radicals, which have been known to aid in cancer development, so that is the route he is taking.

These days I look forward to chatting with him on the phone.
After so many years of frustrations, depression, and a general sour attitude dealing with other family issues, I am happy when he calls, knowing it's not going to be gloom and doom.

Happy Friday everyone! We are headed to a car show this weekend.
What are you plans? Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow, three more weeks. You are getting there Tia!
    Also, those plants are fabulous! And I am so happy to hear about your dad. Sounds very positive!

  2. Fun times :) Love the plants, your living room is super gorgeous :) Glad your dad is doing well and hope you guys keep getting good news in one week and the many thereafter. Have a great one and take care Tia! -Iva