Mar 18, 2016

PGD Set-up Update

As of St. Patrick's Day, we were about five weeks through the expected six week wait for our PGD set-up.
Each day that passes, I will cross off the day prior...knowing we are one day closer to completing this first phase and moving to the next.

I had originally planned to e-mail our genetic counselor Monday to do a quick check-in because, you see, my cycles are rather consistent and I knew I would be starting a new one around the 26th.

This would technically line up perfectly for the PGD probe to be completed, get the green light, and start my month of birth control to quiet my hormones and complete some preliminary monitoring in the process.

But of course I couldn't wait, so I emailed Dina yesterday....just a quick "hey, just an FYI...I get my period next Saturday, so if you could wrap up this set-up before that time, so I can move forward without interruption....that would be GRREEEAAAATTTT."

She writes back to say she has informed the team of my timeline and will give me an update shortly.

About an hour later, I'm in the bathroom...with my phone, of course (I know it's gross, but when the hell else am I supposed to scroll IG at work?!) and I see the e-mail icon pop-up.

I pull the icon down slightly to read the e-mail title, "Case Update: Gendusa"

I close my phone immediately and said a little prayer....please let this be good news.

And it was!! 
Dina wrote that our set-up was complete and we could move forward with our local IVF team.

I immediately said YES! too loud, and pumped both fists to the air....(still on the toilet, mind you).

In a flurry of excited activity, I called Mark to tell him the good news and emailed our nurse.
And also breathed a sigh of relief.
Even though this is by far the easiest step in the whole game, it was still a bigger part, and most certainly the longest of all the waiting I will have to do in the coming year.

I am now waiting for the nurse to send me an updated protocol and timeline.
More updates to come folks!!
Thanks for sticking around and Happy Friday!


  1. I think I may have said 'yes' just as loudly as you did, lol! This is GREAT news Tia! I'm so glad everything came together for you and things are on track. Woohoo for progress, great job for doing everything on your end so efficiently so it could happen!!

  2. LOL LOL LOL this is me too!

    "...I'm in the bathroom...with my phone, of course (I know it's gross, but when the hell else am I supposed to scroll IG at work?!)..."

  3. Um, for the record, I think most people take the cell phone to the bathroom (well, at least I do - and my daughter is notorious for texting me toilet pics in public places - love that girl!) and I am so happy for you to get to this next step!!

  4. Yay! Glad to hear things are moving along.

  5. So exciting! I so admire your patience.

  6. Yay! One hurdle down, and a big one at that!! So exciting friend!