Feb 24, 2016

This Painted Home

If I were to focus this blog on my home and DIY projects, I definitely would have called it,
"This Painted Home."

Simply for the fact that at some point in the duration of my time at our home, the majority of all walls and furniture within will be upgraded or refreshed with a coat of paint.

The white cabinet in the photo above? You may remember the before picture in my last post!
And for those of you that follow on Instagram (@tgendooza)....that is one of my new lamps!
I love the nautical look!

Four months after we moved in, I took on my first project and painted and stenciled the large gray walls in the entryway.

Then we refinished our upstairs bathroom, and to save a few bucks, Mark and I completed the majority of the demo and finish work, where I painstakingly pried off walls tiles (set with wood glue!), sanded and patched for hours, then finally painted those original plaster walls.

Next up was our guest room and outdoor pool shed.
While I was between jobs last year, I spent my time giving the guest room my personal touch, along with blasting off the rust on our old pool shed and turning it into something beautiful rather than an eye sore.

During the fall I worked on our living room.
My hope was to give the space a lighter feel, so I tore down the thick maroon drapery and painted the walls a cheerful nautical gray color.

And now?
I am juggling many projects, most of which aren't necessary complete yet, but I'm getting there.
I painted all the major walls a lovely gray-white color to give a slight contrast to the thick white molding original to the home (from 1922!).

The larger cabinet, originally used as a TV stand, went from black to gray and I decided to use it as a buffet near the dining room.
Still to do: Hang the mirror on the wall and organize the dishes correctly in the drawers.

Also note....we are probably going to have to deal with that lovely carpet and yellow tile another year. I'm not comfortable spending money on new flooring just yet when our IVF bills are TBD at this point!

A couple weeks back, I painted our piano as well.
Again with the carpet!! Blegh....we'll get there.
(I also need some rocks for the base of that foliage....one of the little details I keep forgetting!)

And there you have it!
Still working my way through this wait, and I hope to have everything completed soon.
Each room has little tweaks here and there and I'll continue to give you guys updates as I go along!

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. You have a knack for decorating and for sure DIY projects. So impressed!!! Love seeing your house updates!