Feb 22, 2016

The Weekend

This weekend was a welcome change to the humdrum winter days.
Although it was short lived, an entire day outside in the sunshine and (semi) warmth did our whole family good.

I went for my first outdoor run of the year, and although my shins are still aching today, it felt GOOD to run in the fresh air, and not on a treadmill for once!

The dogs ran around like maniacs all over our property....gingerly overstepping muddy areas and sniffing all the things (including each other).

They would sit on the driveway and bask in the warmth of the sun, just like during the summer!

And it wouldn't be summer-ish without a margarita! (or six!)
I may have over-imbibed Saturday as Mark and I danced in the driveway to Huey Lewis, then warmed up over a fire pit after the sun set.

Needless to say, I am quite the productive person when intoxicated.
Two loads of laundry, washed, dried, and folded that I don't exactly remember!

Sunday morning was rough (shocking).
I slept terribly and managed to step on the cat while hunting around for more water.
I was in desperate need, obviously.

But, there was much to do and I wouldn't feel right waking up on Monday without checking off a few things.

I got our taxes done and can finally breathe a sigh of relief that a lot of our current debt is now taken care of.

Until the next round of IVF bills....over it.

I wanted to paint something, so I ended up taking a brown cabinet that was originally going to be discarded, and re-purposed it in our living room in the same color as our main floor walls.
I'll be sure to post an updated pic when I remember!

In between all of this, I managed to meal-prep, put away my laundry, wash the car, bathe both dogs, and deep clean the downstairs bathroom.

We are having a guy come out to refinish our cast iron tub this week and I just couldn't have him see the current state of affairs that we are calling the bathroom.
It was time.

Mark headed out for the day to watch Nascar and do guy things.
I love that we have our time together and apart.
I'm more of a homebody than he is, so when the days are cooler, I like to stay productive inside.
We both ended Sunday fulfilled in our own ways.
It's great for our relationship.

So that was our weekend.
How was yours? Hope you got out and did something fun!!

Thanks for reading!!


  1. That margarita looks dreamy!

    Wasn't Saturday AMAZING? My boys were literally outside all day long and every. single. toy. was strewn about the front and back yard. It was pure mayhem, at it should be on a 60 degree and sunny day in FEBRUARY! Hope we get more soon!!

  2. I love that first graphic! And even though I am not drinking at the moment, that margarita looks so good - I just saw we may be close to 50 again this Saturday - love!

  3. Well that sound like a very nice weekend. Sometimes I am so productive when I am slightly intoxicated... there's a fine line here. Those margs look yummy. You guys are so fun!

  4. Yeah, so I never have the urge to paint anything. Drink margaritas? That urge hits all too often. If I'm having Mexican food, I need a margarita for sure!

    And I totally agree on having some separate interests from your spouse. I need my friends and some time away from the house. Luckily my husband understands. He also gets almost a freaking week in Vegas during March Madness with his buds so he knows better than to complain too much! High five to being done with taxes - my state refund showed up in less than 10 days and I think my Federal is supposed to be here before the two week mark is up! Bam! Gimme all my money back. Please and thank you!