Feb 26, 2016

Friday Finds

Light Bulbs / PJ's / Body Wash / Rope Light / Ficus Plant / Snake Plant / Lotion / Ladder Shelf
Quick note: I don't do affiliate links. I just wanted to give you guys a chance to snag these items should you feel so inclined! :)

So you guys! Mark is going to kill me.
I keep buying things and I can't stop, won't stop.

But! I swear I can justify all of it.

The items above have all been purchased in the last week (okay, in the last day) and I'm really hoping everything pans out because it's not like I actually stepped foot into a store to peruse the aisles.

That would make an even BIGGER dent in the ole' wallet ;)

1. See those super cool, half dipped silver bulbs? When I re-did our living room, I bought this kick ass new light fixture and some new Edison bulbs to go with it.

What I didn't take into consideration when purchasing the bulbs was that the light coming from them would be the equivalent of the sun.

We have had the fixture installed since October and have probably only turned it on once.
And I think my retina's are still paying the price.

So! I'm hoping these new bulbs will replace the blinders and all will be well and the room won't be overwhelmingly yellow anymore.

2. Cute striped PJ's. So Mark doesn't exactly think it's attractive that I schlep around the house in oversized (super warm and comfy!!) sweat pants all the time.

I think his exact words were, "With those pockets and low crotch it looks like you are walking around with shit in your pants."


So to try and make myself be a tad more feminine, I am opting for these leggings.
Although I can GUARANTEE they won't be as warm.
But if they are soft, I will wear them until the ass wears out.

3. Buying body wash and lotion isn't exactly ground-breaking. However, I don't buy name brand anything when it comes to shower gear, since most likely the generic counterparts are just as good.

But...I have these lovely flat tiny red bumps on the backs of my arms.
I've had them every winter for my whole life. Forever and ever.

And while most of the time I just ignore them, it's not attractive.

And then one of my favorite bloggers Lindsay sent me over an article with two items to supposedly clear up the problem: Neutrogena body wash and Amlactin lotion.

I plan to use them starting today to see if it makes a difference!

4. ROPE LIGHTING - You guys!!! I have a serious obsession with this nautical look. In my last post, I told you I found the perfect table lamps and now I plan to install this light (with the extra death-ray Edison bulbs I just happen to have!) in my guest room.

Funny fact...most of the rooms in my house don't have any sort of installed ceiling lighting which makes my need for easy install and/or table lamps a must.

I don't know what it is about lighting that gets me all choked up.
I seriously cannot make a decision to save my life.

I have been looking at this rope lighting for MONTHS debating on whether or not to just buy it already.

So I finally did. I'll post some photos once I figure out how to hang it!

5. Home Depot has some excellent choices in live plants and I hopped on that damn bandwagon.

I have no idea if I can even keep real plants alive in my house so I chose two that required minimal maintenance.
I mean, they are basically cactus...that's how little I have to water them!

6. And last but not least, I needed some sort of storage piece in the living room that wasn't bulky but can hold another (nautical) lamp, a laptop, and some blankets. Enter this ladder shelf.

I have yet to install it, so I'm hoping it'll look right and go together easily.

Have you ever seen the scene in Office Space where that guy goes ape shit on the printer?
Um....yea...that's me when I can't get furniture put together correctly.
Which is also why I will never shop at IKEA. Never ever.

Welp, those are my recent buys.
Anything you have bought recently that you care to share?

Happy Friday and thanks for reading!!


  1. That rope lighting is awesome and keep me posted on those bumps, I have them on the back of my arms from time to time - so weird!

    Here's to 50 degrees again - WOOHOO!

  2. I thought the same thing about my sweatpants so I got these: http://www.carolehochman.com/midnight/lounge/midnight-lounge-french-terry-legging.html
    I love them! They are SUPER expensive in my book for lounge pants but they are so soft and warm!

  3. I love that older homes don't have ceiling fixtures all over the damn place. I think lamps are so much nicer and more interesting. I gave up on house plants a long time ago after I ruined patches of carpet and some hardwood floors with over watering. I love Ikea but I have zero patience, can't do it.

  4. Hope that stuff works for you! My sister gets them, too, so keep me posted! Girl, I've been shopping like that, too. I ordered three things online already today! Oops. I need to check out those leggings! Happy Friday!

  5. I so prefer lamps over overhead lighting . . . and the nautical theme is great! Those house plants are easy . . . I've had a couple since 1996. The get limp, give them water. Boom. But do get those plastic things (or something fancier) to go underneath or you'll water stain whatever they are on . . . unless it's tile then I guess it doesn't matter.