Feb 19, 2016


Happy FRIDAY loves!!
The sun is SHINING! The birds are SINGING! It's already 50 DEGREES OUTSIDE!!

A local radio station, Kiss FM, does a 25 minute throw-back remix every Friday morning, and it just so happens to coincide with my commute to work, which makes me all the more happy, jamming out to N'SYNC and Ja Rule.

This warm weather (albeit temporary) is exactly what we need as a break from the gray cloud life we are currently living.
I am trying my best to stay positive, but sometimes a dull, monotone world, set to repeat, beats you down, you know?

And on a more gross note....this morning also brought me some weird shit.

So, it's warmer today because of the high southern winds.
And no sooner did Mark leave for work, I headed to the back door to let the dogs out and enjoy the sunshine.
And what was laying there right outside the back door?

A dead squirrel.
A BIG dead squirrel.

I freak out because honestly, some bad shit happened to it.
It clearly didn't die naturally.

He says no.
I thought maybe Burn killed it, but it wasn't there mere minutes ago!

Burn is rather predatory, so I knew they wouldn't just leave the poor guy alone.
I had to get rid of it.


So I headed outside with the largest garbage bag I could find.
Once I was over it, I started to assess the situation because honestly where the hell did it come from?

My only conclusion was it was dropped by a hawk or the high winds knocked it off our roof?
I have no friggin' clue.

All I know is it was totally fucking gross and I can't believe some of the things I have to deal with sometimes.

So I grab the fucking thing by the tail and use the rest of the garbage bag to block me from seeing it flail around.


I dispose of it over the fence and spray the area with vinegar so my dogs don't sniff it and catch something vile.

Gross. Okay, moving on.

Oh! I should mention, those daisies in the photo above?! $1.99 from Trader Joe's!

So pretty, right?

They are sold in small bunches, so all you have to do is clip the ends and they will start to bloom within a couple days.
I think it's a better bang for your buck, because they are around much longer since they haven't even BLOOMED yet!

We are officially DONE with the first of our six week PGD set-up.
I don't count weekends because they fly by and I manage to stay totally busy.
It's the days I am at work, in front of my computer, where the endless Googling occurs.

I just love being able to check things off in my calendar, even if it's just a line through the prior day!

Now, I shouldn't be spending money, but summer is (hopefully) right around the corner, and I had to re-evaluate my bikini situation.

See....I will be going through many rounds of shots in my stomach and butt during the warmer months, and while I'm hoping to still rock a two-piece, I think having something a tad more modest to hide the bruising/swelling is in order. And the beer bloat when it's okay to drink!!

Therefore, I purchased a few high-waisted bikini bottom options from Target, and I'm hoping when they arrive next week, something will pan out. If not..I may be asking you swell people for some other options!

Any favorites? (Side note...this chick has zero ass...trying these on should be interesting....)

This post has been random, and weird.
Thanks for reading and have a happy weekend!!


  1. Yeah for sunshine and 60 degrees!!!! My boys were running around like wild heyinas this morning.

    Ok, EW on the dead squirrel and omg the suit on the left, love it!

    Happy friiiiiidaaaaaaay!

  2. It's super warm here too this weekend which should be really nice. Eww on the dead squirrel... I have a hound dog so I get it. Mine loves to kill small things, gross. I love the idea of high waisted but it looks awful on me, I think mu hips are too big or something. I can't get past the granny panty feeling lol. Have a great weekend!

  3. I'm catching up on my reading . . . better late than never! OMG - squirrel. Gag. And it sucks to have to adult so hard when the husbands aren't home. That's a man job for sure . . . and I'm usually not that girl. One time my dog caught a rabbit . . . an alive one . . . and it was making a God awful noise and my dog wouldn't let it go. I'm having PTSD. I love both of those suits and think the Thin Mint I just ate isn't working. Damn.