Jan 13, 2016

New Dawn, New Day

Good morning, loves.
January is just so much fun, isn't it?
There are so many exciting things to do, I can't handle it.

Such as organizing closets, cleaning out storage boxes, grocery shopping, and my favorite...staring outside from the safety of your house at the outdoor thermometer and watching the temps drop to single digits.

See? FUN.

I HAVE been productive in terms of purging my closets and donating an entire truck full of household items to Goodwill. It's amazing all the clothing items I say I will keep forever, and then all of a sudden a tag will start to itch and I just can't handle it anymore. It must go. Immediately.

We are sort of on a spending hiatus as well.
Between boat debt, Christmas, and upcoming IVF fees, we have our financial odds against us.

Of course that doesn't stop me from NEEDING to enhance our bedroom.
In our home, I always feel like I want to upgrade the main rooms first, which makes sense, because that's what people see first.
And then our private areas, like the bedrooms and bathrooms, get put on the back burner.
Well, ever since we moved into our new home a few years ago, I vowed to change all that.

Each project flip flops between more private areas and public spaces.
And I'm trying not to break the bank, yet make sure we upgrade using sturdy, well made pieces, so it's a delicate balance to find the right items that will last a super duper long time.

Anyways....this week has been a real kick in the pants.
I am overly tired due to lady times and the weather.
Granted, it's not nearly as bad as when I was outside for miles walking in this junk just to go work.
I truly am thankful for my heated car, music, and warm coffee to sip as I drive to work now.
And the sunshine. It does look pretty when the snow is fresh.
It's the little things.

On the upside, the genetics lab called and cancelled my intake phone screen...only to reschedule a tad earlier. It's now scheduled for 8am on Tuesday the 26th.

Also, my oldest and grumpiest bulldog, Crash, will be turning 10 on the 23rd.

Anyone who knows anything about bulldogs knows their life span is 10 years.
Well....he fucking made it and there is no sign of stopping him now.
Even if he is super fucking cranky and can't hear or see that well anymore.
We'll keep him around.

I'm buying him a fancy new memory foam bed for his tired old joints.
And so he stops messing up my pillows. :)

I'm hopeful the weather will jump back into the 30's so we can get back outside and hang in the hot tub before that goes away. Apparently you can't do baths or hot tubs during IVF. Boo.

I'm going to put together a little bedroom reno inspiration post soon.
Stay tuned and thanks for reading!


  1. Happy birthday Crash! Love that pic of him, so cute and sweet!

    We area also on a spending freeze! With Christmas and Lola's many visits to the vet recently we had to push the pause button! Glad we seem to have got her meds right, I cant afford to have her the fluids in her abdomen drained 4x a month for much longer!

  2. Happy birthday to your Crash! What a great picture too! I was feeling just like you last week..blah! Anyways hope you have a happy hump day (and I woke up with 55 degree weather outside! Woohoo! Lol).

  3. Aw Happy Birthday Cash! My little Maggie turns 10 this year, I refuse to imagine a world with out her in it! Spoil him rotten. Good job on cleaning out so much, I'm trying to do a few things each day so I don't get too overwhelmed. Also it's nice to get a little sense of accomplishment each day.

  4. Crash is so much like the boxers it's not even funny! They have memory foam beds all over our house and still use the pillows exactly like that.I can totally understand on the wanting to be a baller on a budget- we are doing the same thing! I love the plan of doing a common area, then a you area it makes it seem so worth it!

  5. That pic of Crash is so stinking adorable!!! Stay warm Tia - I AM SO OVER THIS!

  6. I cringe at the thought of my doggie getting old. I imagine him bounding up and down the stairs after the kids forever!! Your little guy is adorable though:) Stay warm lady. Can't wait to see your bedroom pics, your house is so pretty and chic!

  7. We have been doing the clean and declutter thing too. So fun! Our house is a mess so I'm actually a little excited about it. I really want to redo our bedroom and living room... But I'm trying to hold off in case we move soon! January is so fun!

  8. Crash is adorable! I'm a dog-a-holic . . . it's a real problem! My Boston Terrier will be 16 in March . . . I'm on a mission to help him make that milestone birthday! And crossing my fingers for you IVF - I'm hopeful it will be awesome!!

  9. I said the same thing as I was walking to my heated car seat car this week - "so glad I don't work downtown!" Happy early bday to your pups! :D

  10. The 26th is my birthday which is a good day for me, so I hope that'll be a good day for you too! Happy birthday to Crash!