Jan 15, 2016

How Friday is going.....in gif's

I woke up to the sound of dog barking at 5am.

And for a few seconds, I actually thought it was the weekend.

And when I realized it wasn't, I started crying.

And then I got irrationally angry because of yet another problem I saw in an email.

Like, there are always so many stupid problems and everyone needs me to fix all these things, and work has been super busy and stressful recently, that I can't think straight.

So I said a prayer that today goes by quickly.

But I could NOT stop crying in the shower. I kept thinking about all these bad things and things that hadn't even happened yet and all of it was compounded with all my recent stress and I just lost it.

I attempted to pull it together, because we all know you can't keep crying after you do your makeup.

On the way to work, my favorite radio station was playing a remix of 90's music and it put me in a better mood. I kept thinking about how close we actually ARE to the weekend!

Because we all know how to self medicate when we've hopped on the crazy train.

I plan on helping myself out the second I get home.

And then start the happy/sad cycle over again as I look at all the pretty bedroom renovations on Pinterest like...

But then look at my bank account

The reality is...I have 99 problems...

And I'm out. *mic drop*
If you need me I'll be in a padded room with a box of wine.
(also take a chill pill.....I know all of the above is petty. IT'S A JOKE. Like my life. <----that was a joke too)
Happy Friday!


  1. Tia, I'm dying. This was SO FUNNY. The wine one???? Amazing.

    Hope tonight is nice and relaxing for you, sounds like you need it :)

  2. I spent half my day yesterday fighting tears over, well basically a stupid man... ugh. Then I went and played tennis for an hour last night and it got better. But I feel you. All day I was like "i'm not going to cry till I get in the shower, I'm not, I'm not". Not worth the Stila eyeliner!!! Cheers! Wish I could join you tonight!

  3. Well, life is best expressed with clever gifs so quite frankly, you nailed it! And at least you can look back and see some humor in what is otherwise a shitty day. You need some mindless fun . . . that may be netflix on the couch or boozing it up with friends. Either way, I wish you the best weekend!

  4. I hope you got some wine drinking and relaxation in this past weekend! It was the perfect weekend to just hibernate! Hugs!

  5. Lol amen sister. And yes, you can't cry after you've put on makeup. That's just a rule. Hope the weekend helped you clear your mind and relax some!! Have a great one Tia! -Iva