Jan 29, 2016

18 Things About Me

Happy Friday!!!

I am thisclose to wrapping up having my parents submit their spit vials for genetic testing.
Super fun, I know. This week has been mega-stressful trying to coordinate everything...but it is all coming together TODAY.

And on that note, since I seem to have a few new followers (and some robots....lesbihonest) I thought I would send you into the weekend with 18 facts about the Numba' One Stunna'....ME.


1. Mark and I were love at first sight. We met and both immediately knew we would spend the rest of our lives together. I loved him harder in those first few minutes than I ever did with anyone before. Sappy but true.

2. I have a photographic memory.
I can remember colors, layouts, details of a moment, transcript, etc. It's helped me win a lot of arguments....mostly with Mark. Ladies ALWAYS know everything....duh!

3. I am GREAT at remembering faces, but terrible with names.
You know the movie House Bunny? And how she always says people's names in that evil monster voice? I have to do something similar with important names, otherwise, I WILL. NOT. REMEMBER.

4. My baby-making journey is full of emotions. Like every other lady on the planet.
I will admit that every single day of my life, I go through three specific emotions. Frustration and anger because I feel cheated out of the romance of trying to conceive. I feel like a warrior because if anyone was to be tasked with the coordination of all of this...it should be me. And peace because at the end of the day, it's out of my hands, and I know that.

5. I am Type A...mostly. I will compete to get things accomplished and come out on top...even if it's just against myself. But I will not stomp on people to get there....unless you are a cold hearted bitch. Then I'm all Bye Felicia.

6. I am obsessed with old action sci-fi movies like Ghostbusters and Aliens.

7. I have a rather specific routine to get ready in the morning and go to bed at night. Down to the way I wash myself in the shower to how I dry my hair to how I fluff up my sheets before bed. I do it every day and if something gets out of order, I literally stop in my tracks because I get confused.

8. I wear my emotions on my sleeve and have been known to let my resting bitch face get out of control if I hear too much bullshit. Eye-rolling is my cardio.

9. I have a degree in Interior Architecture but wasn't any good with visioning a space I never spent time in. Now I'm in HR and Office Operations and I fucking love it.

10. I love to work with my hands. I am a details person so finish work, building things, and painting are my jam. I would rather make something better than cover it up with shiny tchokchy things.

11. I love budgeting and have a really difficult time not cheaping out on things. I will not take full price for anything, but I still want it to be fabulous and well-made. The struggle is real.

12. I am left-handed for writing but perform the bulk of my tasks as a righty or right-legged.

13. I sleep in a twin bed next to, but not touching, my husband's full size bed. Totally weird. I get it. But I am a light sleeper and he thrashes around constantly. It was this solution or a divorce. :)

14. I am excellent at reading people for who they really are...good or bad. Which is why I am top notch at my job and also why our circle of friends has shrunk over the years. Haters gonna hate.

15. I never dabbled in any drug harder than pot...and wasn't any good at smoking that either. Have you ever seen what happens to your face on meth? No thanks...I'll stick to drinking.

16. I have premonitions about small blips of time that will inevitably happen in the future. It's typically a snippet of a conversation, in a specific location, in a specific time of day....nothing extraordinary. I always flinch when they comes to fruition.

17. My hair is naturally wavy. As an adult I have finally embraced the chaos and love having the option to let it dry curly or iron it straight...with the right tools, of course.

18. I hate debating. Maybe it makes me unwordly or shallow on the outside. I have opinions on most things, based on facts, and I have things that I believe with my whole heart, but will never force them on anyone else. Solving major world problems isn't my thing and it's a total party-kill. Sorry not sorry. Don't bring your rage into my house.

And FINALLY! If you're interested in learning a bit more about my blog and how it came to be, I'm guest interviewing today overr at Bourbon, Lipstick, and Stilettos!

Take care and thanks for reading!!


  1. Love this! and I might steal the idea from you for a post next week :) A lot of these are the same for me too. I share a similar story for your #1... we got married 10 months after our first "date". I guess 11 months after we first met since we met at work... and my dad said not to date someone from work..psh, what does he know :P

  2. Separate beds?!?! No wonder you and Mark can't make a baby! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! I hope you know, especially coming from ME of all people, that my little joke comes from nowhere but a place of love for you. Also, I'm glad you've never dabbled in meth. I quite like your face.

  3. These were fun! I love all the details that make a person unique . . . thanks for sharing! Happy weekending!

  4. You and I have a lot of similarities... it's weird. I went to school for ID too in an extremely difficult program, people don't get what it really is. I have only used it minimally, always working in architecture and engineering. I remember everything too, a blessing and a curse. I would make a terrible drug addict but give me all the alcohol!!!

  5. The separate beds thing is a great idea, I always tell my husband he's "thrashing tiger hidden dragon". Ugh the worst!

    Stopping by from Lindsay's, super excited to follow along. I love that you have 2 bulldogs, we have an English and I want a Frenchie too <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. What a fun post - I still laugh at you guys sleeping on separate mattresses, so funny! Loved you interview as well. Happy Sunday!

  7. So, the separate beds, separate covers or king sized sheets and blankets put over both?

    I have horrendously severe, chronic insomnia, and my husband is one of those people who can just decide he's ready to sleep and be out in 30 seconds. I really want my own room. When I say that to women my age they think that's awful, but when I tell women who have been married for 30+ years they're like "have you considered separate bedrooms?" Always makes me laugh.