Dec 11, 2015

It's time for a change

Never mind that semi-crooked front tooth. I clearly need to start wearing my fucking retainer again.

Moving on.
Let's talk hair first, because hair is fun. Then I'm going to get to bitchin' about Facebook.
But first, hair.

My hair grows, I think, 2cm a year. Even after taking prenatals and multi-vitamins and eating super healthy and not washing it every day and all that still grows at a snails pace.

Let's back up a bit.
A long time ago, I wanted to grow my hair out for my wedding, knowing I would be doing some sort of up-do.  I grew it, did my own up-do...and it was fabulous.

And then I was just over it, and hacked a lot of it off within the coming months.

(And then my wedding photographer asked me to do a boudoir shoot, so of course I said yes! 
It was free!)

My hair was super cute. Shorter, stacked, angular...all things I like. :)
But as the story goes, I grew tired of the constant up keep that is hair shorter than your chin, so decided to grow it out again.
And that is what I have been doing for four years.

So now? It's the longest it's been as far back as I can remember.
But I don't think I'm cut out for this length.
Sure, I had visions of this long, wavy, ethereal hair that flowed and was gorgeous and beautiful.

But the reality is, I don't have thick hair.
I have to tease and fill my hair with volumizing products to get it to stay where it needs to be....and that would be the second floor of any building I'm in.

Higher the hair, closer to Jesus, right?

I'm headed into the salon in about a week, and I'm thinking I can find peace with a Lob.
Long bob, for those not in the know.
Still angled....still stacked...but longer.
So I can still pull it up in a pony to work out.
And curl it and wave it and all that.

But no bangs. Never again...amen.
I have never been so ragey as I was with bangs in the summertime.
A fuzzy tumbleweed, half shellacked to your forehead does not flatter anyone.

I'm thinking something more like this....

But like...more Southern....meaning, more volume and height, obviously.
I may be a rather basic white girl...but my hair never has been.

What do you think?
I think it'll be cute and manageable, and if I hate it...there is less to grow out!

Now onto my other topic: Facebook.

Dudes....I'm seriously getting over it.
Although I still use it as another social media outlet for the blog, keeping up with friends is hit or miss.
I just want to see timehop photos and babies and funny quizzes and shit like that.

I don't want to see your newest political rant, or every fucking thought that pops into your head throughout the day.
It's getting out of control.
And what the hell is with people sharing links of dead people and abused animals?
I can't even handle the fact that videos will start playing the second your feed scrolls to it.
Especially if it's sad.
My heart can't handle Facebook sometimes. It seems to bring out the evil in people.
And why are people ranting and arguing with EACH OTHER about whatever topic of the day has their panties in a bunch?

Why aren't they sending letters and phone calls and emails to the people making those decisions?

I have been un-following and unfriending people left and right and all I really wanted to do is check in to make sure my extended family is okay and my friends look happy.

I'll just go back to my bubble for a bit and get the hell off of Facebook, I think.

It makes me unnecessarily furious from time to time and it's completely unnecessary.
I know the world sucks sometimes.
There is violence and death and destruction around every corner.
Hello! I live in Chicago....I know all about it.

Is it wrong to want to have rose colored blinders on all of this?
It's not really in my bones to start internet arguments or troll people or share shitty videos of puppies dying.
I'm not looking to change the world....and maybe that isn't noble of me...but dudes...I'm just not.

I just want to live an honest life I am proud of.
I will stand up for myself and my family and my life without blinking.
I donate to animal shelters on the regular.
I am polite to all races of people.
I get off my ass and put in the effort to make a difference with my health, my marriage, my future family, my stress, my home and my career.
I am pro-guns, and pro-dowhateverthehellyouneedtodotoraiseachild, and pro-affordablehealthcare, and pro-makingyourownfuckingchoices, pro-haveareligionbutdontpushitonpeople, and pro-dontbeadick...but I sure as hell won't be shoving it down your throat.

Although you should be polite to people...ALL people. We are all going through some shit.
And don't be a dick. Just don't. I think that Karma thing swings pretty hard.

Other than that? Do you boo.
As for me? I'm saying sayonara to Facebook for a bit until some of this chaos dies down....I'll text you to catch up, mkay?

That's my PSA for the day.
Fabulous hair and Facebook. The end.
Happy Friday!


  1. I have a lob :) I just got it re-done yesterday! I usually keep it pretty short but I am liking the longer hair these days for reason you said! Like being able to put it in a pony. I have found it to be a hard cut to master, maybe its because I have thick hair? But I finally found a stylist that does a great job!

  2. I have super fine, thin hair also. Please do a post about what volumizing products you use! I bounce back and forth things and haven't settled on any loves!