Dec 4, 2015

All I want for Christmas

I'm kicking off the weekend with my uber fabulous friend as we do a double date dinner at her place.
And then it's shopping time, baby!

And since everyone seems to be giving out suggestions for you fine people to buy for other fine people, I thought I'd shake it up by talking about the items that I want people to buy ME.

In the past, I have never even given it a thought. We seem to always be in so much debt by the end of the year that all I ever asked for was cash to pay the bills and buy groceries.
I love buying for other people but I always hated trying to come up with MY list.
I guess it always seemed a tad selfish.
Like, I'm always thinking I'm a successful female...I can buy my own shit.

But this year I changed my mind set.
See, these things are items that I would never actually buy for myself on a whim because they are just my eyes.
These are definitely WANTS. Not NEEDS.

Without further ado...if you are looking to buy me a present this is my list.
Thanks in advance. :)

DIY Gel Nail Manicures
I swear I like the look of polished nails. I really do. However, I hardly ever actually polish my nails because they are guaranteed to chip within 24 hours. Also? I can't stand going to a salon. Such a waste of time, in my opinion. I am fully qualified to do my own, I just can't stand the thought of spending all that time perfecting my polish, and trying to be patient and let them dry, only to ruin them by doing normal life stuff.
Enter gel nails and the little light boxes that dry them (almost) instantly.
I have a feeling this will be a life changer.
I'd really like this little light because it says it sets each coat within 30 seconds. THIRTY. SECONDS.
The polish? Luckily my mom works at a salon, so I'm sure I'll have a sweet hook-up.

Lifting Gloves
How CUTE are those black and white polka dot lifting gloves? As a person that hits the gym 4x a week, I try to save my hands from awful calluses as much as possible. It's not exactly sexy to shake someone's hand and yours be rougher than his. Size small....obviously.

Fuzzy (yet durable) slippers!
I am in dire need of slippers. I know, I's kind of old lady like...but dudes, I can't tell you how many times I need to run outside quickly and wish I was just already wearing a warm pair of shoes...that aren't shoes...ya dig? These LL Bean ones in the Natural color (size 8) seem perfect for cozying up by the fire and also running around outside to grab the mail or pull the dogs off each other.

Bath Bombs (bath're a bath bomb!)
I do love me a nice soak in the winter time. And it's even better if it's doing double duty in the process. Enter bath bombs. I seriously love these things but I hardly ever buy them for myself! Mostly because at $4-$7 a's a splurge in my mind. But alas, the Christmas one or vanilla butter one seems just fabulous!

Rose Face Mask
So a few years ago, I received a sample of this mask from Sephora in the mail. I typically do a thicker face mask once or twice a month, but this one was was so much lighter and refreshing! I feel like I could use it more often, say 2-3 times a week...especially in winter!

Chase brand Elderflower Liqueur
And of course, you can't skip over the liquor. St. Germain is all the rave with their version of the same liqueur, but Chase does it for less money and I personally think the bottle is so much prettier!
I mix this with champagne, add it to a gin and tonic, or just drink it straight! It is SO. GOOD!

So that is my list this year. What's on yours?

Oh! And while we are on the subject of gifts, take a little sneak peek at the GIVEAWAY to begin ON INSTAGRAM (@tgendooza) this Sunday! So damn adorable, right? I'll be giving away these gifts just in time to #treatyoself for Christmas! All hand picked from Homegoods from yours truly.

The giveaway will be on Instagram starting at 7pm CST so mark your calendars and good luck!!
Happy Friday and Happy WEEKEND!


  1. hey, if you are looking for something amazing for your face you should really try Nerium. I can send you a sample if you want. Obviously I don't really use it for wrinkles (people say I'm too young for wrinkles ;) ) but I do use it to help even out my skin, it has made my face so much smoother and as a result my makeup is easier to put on. Okay, done with the sales pitch :) let me know if you want a sample :)

  2. love love love your wish list! Mine is posting next week, so fun to put together. Those lifting gloves are seriously cute - where were those when we were throwing sabres?!? :) :)

    See ya later qt!!!!

  3. My daughter introduced me to LUSH bath bombs this year and I am seriously addicted... but I hate spending money on that shit. Perfect for gifts. Elder flower liqueur??? What is this all about? I must know!

  4. I love St. Germain, so I need to try Chase brand!

  5. I am going to have to find that nail polish for Hannah - I somehow spit out a girly girl! :D

  6. I need to try that liqueur like STAT! I am going to test it with my vodka or bourbon <3 Thank you for the recommendation gorgeous! Ugh I'm dying over those nails- -need to look them up I'm getting lazy and non-girly with my hands. They're starting to look butch-ish and man-ish up in hurr. I love the fresh products! Their lip gloss stick is one of my favorites! Take Care Tia! -Iva