Nov 23, 2015

If we took a Holiday

ooh yea
ooh yea

(now it's stuck in your head, right?)

Oh yes my friends....per the snow the Holiday season is officially in full swing.
And even though it will all be melted by Thanksgiving, in my head, it's still the trigger point for me.

It was pretty...for like a day. And then you drive through it and it's already turning gray and gross.

I like the idea of snow.
I do.
But only to the extent that I like looking at it from inside my house when a fire is lit (and I'm half lit) and getting all warm and fuzzy about it.
But then I want it to go away.

So does Burn.

This weekend we braved the blizzard for a fun weekend in the sticks. Early Thanksgiving dinner was in order, and I'm down for extending the Holidays with weekends like these.

If you were wondering, the dogs did beautifully while we were gone...even with the freezing temps!
No fights, nothing to worry about.
Mark and I both slept like bricks in the hotel without distractions for once.
No midnight cat meows and random dog barking.
I imagine that's what it's like when you're away from the kids?

I ended up making these cranberry cheesecake bars instead of the original idea.
Like I said before, I don't bake that often, and with my parents stopping by Friday night and us leaving relatively soon the next day, I didn't want to be rushed with baking, but I also didn't want to be baking forever.

So I whipped these up and they were....insane. So easy to make and so delicious.
I taste tested them Saturday morning to make sure, obviously.
If you need a dessert to bake that takes minimal effort and comes together quickly, this is your recipe.
Bonus points that you can drink while making's THAT easy!

As the snow continued to come down at a rapid rate and we hurried to get out the door......I left them in the fridge.
I realized it at the edge of town, and if it weren't for the terrible weather, we would have turned around.
As some IG friends stated, the silver lining is I get to eat them for breakfast the rest of the week!

We don't host Thanksgiving, because the following day is our annual Shrimp Boil, aka, Friendsgiving.
A tradition 10+ years in the making and still going strong.

Saturday is recovery, and Sunday! Sunday is Christmas decorating!
Once the rain stops, I need to schlep all my containers out of the basement and hop to it.

Kahlua and coffee, Christmas music, me untangling a million strands of lights.
My patience wearing thin after I've only decorated one half of the tree, vowing to shove it in the corner and be done with it.
The dogs chewing on delicate glass ornaments.
The cat swatting at anything with feathers.
Mark tracking in muddy shoes from working outside.
Me setting everything to a timer that all comes on at the stroke of 5pm...our eyes light up like Clark Griswold.

It's glorious. All of it.
Tis the season!

And that's it for me until December, folks.
You can still follow along during the festivities on Instagram! (tgendooza)
Make it a good week!


  1. Kahlua and coffee is awesome! I definitely like to sip on a little something something (typically wine) when I put up the tree. I also like the idea of snow....but nothing more than that.

  2. Your cranberry cheesecake bars look amaze-balls!! I'm going to have to try those out for sure! Love your Christmas decorating tradition. Kelci and I always help my mom with decorating the 'family' house since our dads a bit of a xmas decorating ba-humbug and I do my own since my husband is too lol

  3. Anything that I can bake while drinking and turns out insane is a winner in my book! Happy Thanksgiving! "see" you in December :D