Nov 13, 2015

Friday Favorites and a GIVEAWAY

Ok now.
I'm on the up and up, thanks to my stubborn tendencies and some bitchin' meds.
And for that? Let's do a little round up regarding my browsing history and details about the GIVEAWAY!

First up?

Friday the 13th
One of the luckiest days for myself, my husband, our family, life in general. We closed our new home on this day. Things tend to go our way on this day and you lucky fucking people get to partake in a giveaway with some super cool shit on this day!

The weather.
Can I just get a quick AMEN for the fact that Chicago made it to November 11th with summer-esque weather? Granted, it all went to hell in a handbag literally overnight, but we made it now didn't we?

Not your pretty little face ma'am. I'm talking the ones I drink out of. Travel mugs, home mugs, all mugs.
I have an obsession with finding a new champagne or gold colored travel mug that doesn't leak. Any suggestions based on experience? I keep eyeing the ones from Starbucks but the reviews are mixed.

Anal Glands.
Clearly not a "favorite" but if you have bulldogs, you get it. My browsing history at work is filled with phrases such as "natural remedies for anal gland infections in dogs" "anal gland problems in dogs", etc, etc.
I make sure to include the words in dogs so as not to get the side eye from the bosses. #winning

Unique, hilarious people
I'd like to think I am bit quirky and a tad hilarious from time to time, and I like to surround myself with the same type of folk. Those who don't take life TOO seriously, can definitely laugh at an inappropriate joke and have an interesting background. I do love my some basic white girl stuff too, but a bit of depth is a breathe of fresh air, ya dig?

And because of those unique, hilarious people that light up my personal life and my social media life, I wanted to say thanks. Thank you for reading! Thank you for following along! I'd like to gather more of you, if that's okay. Expand this little corner of the internets a bit by giving away some super cute finds from Homegoods.

This little care package comes just in the nick of time for all the party planning you just know you're about to partake in! Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's, there are endless parties to attend and to host! And what better way to throw a party than with a few additional cute items for your home!

This gift set includes hand picked items I selected just for you.

When you open up that bottle of red, make sure it is adorned with a bedazzled skull wine stopper!
Your bottle of champagne will perch perfectly next to the framed "Pop Fizz Clink" print on your fancy little bar cart. Or counter top. Or nightstand. No judgement here.
Your classy guests can set their classy drinks on your classy fucking Gatsby-inspired coasters!
And finally, a white (dishwasher friendly) mug with the perfect little slogan for a morning pep talk after a long, drunken night!
Feel free to switch up your morning coffee for some Jasmine Green Tea should you feel so inclined.

All for you! Ready to ship out Monday with the winning announcement!

Here is how you enter:

Hop on Instagram and find me: @tgendooza

1. Follow me and Like the IG photo
2. Tag a friend in the comments and tell me your Party Plans for the Holidays!

Complete these two steps and you're in!

Contest runs now through Sunday, November 15th @ 7pm CST.
Winner will be chosen at random and announced Monday.

Best of luck fancy ladies and have a FABULOUS weekend!


  1. what fun stuff - love the mug! happy friday the 13th - spoooooky! ;)

  2. Lol my cat started scooting his hiney a few months ago and that was our indication that his anal glands needed to be released. :) Ha I used to have to do that beforehand in the animal hospitals, it's quite gross. Someone has to do it and they need it! Have a great one Tia! Take Care -Iva