Oct 19, 2015

The weekend I needed

Welcome back folks.

I did it.
I'm happy to report back that I did minimal activities this weekend.

We met up with my family for my brother's and dad's birthday Friday night.
A couple of drinks and a good patty melt in our favorite over-decorated restaurant.

And we only had one snafu in the plan that kind of put a damper on my Saturday morning.

See this fabulous mug?

It ceases to exist.
And I'm totally sad about it because it was HUGE (twss)..and scary, obviously.

Saturday morning, I'm chilling on the porch swing, sipping coffee, all bundled up.
Watching the fall foliage, breathing deeply, and taking in how awesome life is.

And then my god damn dogs started fighting.

Cool, man.

Just as I was saying they have been so good with each other, I jinxed myself.
Their fights are terrible, but luckily I had a blanket and a huge mug of coffee because neither of them had collars on.

Burn was in rare form just before that.
I should have seen it coming. He kept sniffing and hovering over Crash...too much.
And Crash had had enough.

Mark was not home, so I literally jumped in the middle. Crash grabbed a hold of my hand, thinking it was Burn, and bit one of my fingers pretty good. Thank god I had that blanket as a bit of protection, I swear he probably would have bit it off it was so hard.

I was lucky that they just stopped. It was over.
I'm sweating and trying to breathe through the pain.
My precious mug was smashed all over the porch.
Coffee. Everywhere.

Some Saturday, huh?

So while I patched up my hand, I tried to brush off the situation and move on.
If there is one thing I have learned with these two, is they almost immediately forget they fought.

I finished my pumpkin bread, cleaned up the porch, and about that time, Mark came home.
The weather was just so beautiful I decided to shake off that morning and go for a run.
Post run, I spent over an hour in the tub with my wee ole' bottle of prosecco.

We made crock pot chicken burrito bowls for dinner and called it a night.

Sunday was much of the same.
Coffee in the hot tub, followed by some quick errand running, meal prep and window washing.

I turned down another jaunt with the family and instead took another bath and watched a movie with Mark.
The animals took advantage of the lazy day as well.

It was exactly what I needed to get back into the swing of things.
I must say, I do love other seasons outside of summer, now that I'm not commuting to the city.
There is so much effort and prep involved with schlepping all your stuff 90 minutes one way, plus wardrobe and footwear changes, plus trying to beat traffic, that just zaps all the fun out of it.

It's fun now.
It's fun to be a little more fashiony....even if it is just basic white girl style.
It's fun to see an outfit in full before I leave for work.
It's fun to have drapey oversized scarves and things that I don't have to worry will fly off in the Chicago wind.
I love hopping into a warm car with my warm coffee and jetting off to work.
I might be singing a different tune in a few months, but right now, I'm digging it.

Thanks for reading.


  1. My weekend was about the same. actually most of mine have been that way recently because I am in my weird anti-social mode and want to do only what I want to do. Which some people totally get and others don't.

  2. So glad you had the down time you needed, minus the fight of course. OUCH. That sounds really painful - hope it's healing well!

  3. Coffee in a hot tub on a chilly day sounds delicious!!

  4. I am digging this weather too - I love driving to work with the sunroof open but my seat warmers on :D