Sep 25, 2015

When a couple more stars align

You guys, sometimes I feel like I just have to pinch myself.
Even though the whole IVF process is incredibly daunting, and we haven't even scraped the surface, I just can't believe our luck with some stuff.

I was thrilled to land my job so close to home. I love my co-workers. My boss is the shit, and all in all, the last six months have been a breeze.

So my boss, and most of my co-workers, have a pile of kids. 3 seems to be the lucky number here.
His wife was the one to originally help me get settled in my new position, and I tried to usher her out as quickly as possible as she needed to get home and take care of her kids.

I won't be delving into details, but I started to get curious about the fact that they had a set of twins.
Her and I casually got into conversation at a summer party, and while we didn't get into too deep of a conversation, I do remember her saying it was a long road, but yet twins DO run in her family.

So while I originally thought that maybe it had something to do with IVF, maybe it was part of their family make-up? Who knew.

Fast forward to this week, and for some reason I am chatting with my boss about his wife's crazy pregnancy symptoms (she couldn't STAND the smell of coffee!)...and one thing led to another, and he is telling me that they pursued IVF as well. For all of their kids.

I was shocked. So I opened up a bit about my journey, not knowing if he would accept such intimate details about his co-worker (it could get weird, you know?)

The next thing we know he is talking about their struggles, their timeline, the ups and downs...and he stops and says, "you know Tia, if you are planning to move forward soon, our doctor was amazing. He is one of THE best doctors in the U.S....and he is literally right up the road from here! I can't remember his name...Larry, maybe?"

"Do you mean Laurence....Laurence Jacobs?"

"Yes! That's him. He is just amazing and I will continue to endorse him for life."

"Um....he's my doctor. We had been seeing him early this year. I thought he was pretty great too!"

"Then you are in wonderful hands. We hopped around to a few different doctors but he was the one."

I am beaming at this point.

He went on to talk about his wife's pregnancies, progesterone shots, the whole she-bang. He urged me to chat with his wife at ANY point should I need advice or just another person to talk to.

Guys, I just can't believe it. I have a few internet friends that I have watched go through the IVF process, but not any in real life....and my BOSS no less!
I mean...that is one of the scariest parts of getting pregnant, right? Hiding all the symptoms and exhaustion and appointments from work until it's "safe"?

I am just so happy to be in such a family friendly environment. I know Mark gets a little weirded out sometimes that "so many people are in the know about our situation"...but to that I say pisshaw...
Scream it from the rooftops! Rally around and support each other! Make this whole process less taboo!

I am on Cloud 9 right now, and so, so grateful of this year's events.
T-minus 3 months and it's go time...folks.
More updates to come. Thanks for reading!


  1. yay! yes, hiding all the symptoms and exhaustion and appointments from work until it's safe is the scariest part and I had to let all my bosses know at 7 weeks because I had hyperemesis gravidarum. I was really nervous telling people that early but I had to let them know why I was running hours late or not showing up at all. It also hurt me a little that I was having to tell these people first before I wanted to tell my family.

    I wanted to tell my family once we were in the "safe" zone and I wanted to tell them in person..with the dogs. See I bought the dogs t-shirts that said, "I'm going to be a big sister!"

    It will all work out and be amazing for y'all!

  2. That is awesome news! I have a feeling that more people use IVF than you realize because some people don't feel comfortable talking about it. One of my co-workers used it for all three of her kids - who are all under the age of 3 1/2 now! Enjoy our wonderful weather this weekend on the boat!

  3. So so so so many people struggle with the ups and downs of IVF! It needs to be out in the open and talked about…I mean, everyone knows someone that it struggling. That is a lot of people!

    So happy to read you are in such great hands in so many different parts of your life!