Sep 21, 2015


If I had to summarize the last few weeks in one phrase, that would be it.
I haven't had a moment to think, or blog, or anything outside of the craziness of the weekends followed by work.

Work is work, and it ebbs and flows, but these last few weeks have been nuts. Luckily there haven't been any late hours or working weekends, but the constant upkeep of the 8:30-5 schedule has been more than enough.

I took off from the gym all last week in an attempt to keep things somewhat normal.
I chose an extra bit of sleep over that extra stress on my body.

All the chaos started two Friday's ago when my cousins from Indiana stayed the weekend for our other cousin's wedding.  At only 23 years old, she has a darling little 3 year old girl.
She couldn't more my niece if she tried.
Fearless, gentle, a force to be reckoned with. Pleasant, not so graceful, well-mannered and even tempered.
We honestly could not have asked for better house guests.

Although it throws off our normal schedule, staying up later, waking up earlier, broken was so much fun.
We had a little pizza party Friday night, and Saturday most of our immediate family showed up for an unannounced pre-wedding party (without the bride) before all the festivities.
We played in the park, took a golf cart ride to the ski jump, and hit up a local festival Saturday evening.

Sunday was the wedding. We put on our best show, and I managed to go to Black Out City.
Not my best form, but I heard I was more than pleasant through the whole thing....even offering to make everyone dinner after the wedding (what?). My cousins found me roaming in the back yard before tucking me into bed. Classy.

Monday was the drunken weird semi-hangover from Hell followed by a bit of negations for Mark's new boat.  His "little" dream boat that he has been searching for for nearly ten years.
As the day went on, we said goodbye to our house guests, and I shooed away the rest of the family members that showed up for a meal, after I supposedly invited them over after I blacked out.

People should know that if I am looking at them cross-eyed, I may be fibbing about wanting to see them the next day. Live and learn!

Anyways, it was the plan to buy his boat next April, but that's the thing about plans...they change.
I suppose you have to strike when the iron is hot when there are only 65 of these babies in the world!

I swear, sometimes I feel like I woke up in every 80's movie ever made!
(In case there are any boat freaks's a 1988 31 Cigarette Bullet...complete with a tape deck)
So as we sorted our finances and came to terms with this new purchase, I shuffled through another work week.
Mark was sick and I avoided him like the plague, taking extra vitamins and sleeping when I could, which was rare.  An annoying cough kept me awake more nights, but we trudged on.
Can I also note that this is the FIRST time in the ten years we have been together that HE was sick and not ME!? Halle-freaking-lujah!

Friday afternoon the boat settled into our home. Mark was magically feeling better and I came home early to find all the men in my family drinking beers and grunting at this monstrosity.

I hosted a game night with some ladies Friday evening...calling it Supper Club, then we headed to Lake Michigan for the weekend and purchased a slip next to Mark's brothers boat.
I must admit, I had a few nightmares about hitting a wave and flying out at 80 mph.
The waves Saturday were around four feet, but smooth as glass Sunday morning.
We did bounce around a tad Saturday, but at 31 feet, the boat kind of just skipped over everything.

I am tan. Very tan, but the hell if I didn't burn my entire face and chest on the water this weekend.
Concealer is now my BFF.

All in all, we had a blast! I went to bed at 8pm last night to prove it.
Nothing was prepared for the week. I woke up at my normal time this morning, hit the gym, meal-prepped, gave the dogs their food, got myself together and flew into work by 8:30.
Huge sigh of relief to be at my desk, but at the normal routine, and here I am blogging about it.

How was your weekend? Do anything super fun?!
Bye, Felicia!

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  1. Oh my goodness - you bought a boat!?!?!?!??! CONGRATS! Exciting. Sometimes its good when plans change :)