Sep 11, 2015

Living Room Plans

Now that the weather is turning, I am focusing my sights inside.
So it goes in my home, I find myself longing to update a part of our home that goes untouched during the summer months. And for two of the last three years, it has been our living room.
In our prior home, we painted and updated the living room just before I decorated for Halloween.
It's cool though, that room needed quite the face lift.

And then we moved to our new home. And we didn't quite have enough furniture to fill the space.
First world problems, I know.
So in that first month, we spent the "skipped mortgage payment" money on a couple new brown leather sofas, a rug, and a coffee table for the living room.
Everything else in the space came as is.

But it's time. This room, although warm and cozy....isn't quite right for my taste.
This is what the space (mostly) looks like now.

As you can see it's not terrible. Not terrible at all, frankly.
I would like to lighten this space up a bit. Highlight that gorgeous fireplace with a more neutral background.
The drapery, while expensive, isn't doing it for me anymore.
I'd like to change them out for a nubby gray fabric and paint the walls a greige color.
The fan needs to go as well.  We haven't used the fan once in that room and the light is so glaring it makes my head hurt.

Here is some of my inspiration...

Kind of modern yet rustic, a bit eclectic, with clean lines.
I'm hoping for a simpler space, full of storage and character.

These are the pieces I have chosen so far. We'll see how they pan out.

I'd like to incorporate some of our photos from Miami, when we visited Vizcaya.
That place was just gorgeous. I do love photos and artwork that are YOURS instead of just purchasing someone else's work. Makes it a little more personal, you know?

And as you can clearly tell, most of the pieces I purchased are able to hold wine and alcohol bottles.
Because you can never have too many nooks for the good stuff, right?

My drapery samples arrive this week and I hope to get started with painting and putting together the furniture before October. I was told the drapery takes 8 weeks to produce, so plan to see an updated "after" post by Halloween.

Is anyone else giving their home a little face lift?


  1. I can't wait to see the finished room! I love room updates, because I am not so creative I find them to be a struggle and pain, so I love to see what everyone else does.

  2. Loving your inspiration for this space! I think you have a great room to work with and it's going to look amazing once you spruce it up!

  3. I am OBSESSED with your second inspiration photo. I spy a RH leather couch - SWOON!

    Totally agree on the photos, I have such a hard time putting up something on our walls that doesn't mean something.

    happy decorating!!! :)

  4. It does look great as is, but if you are inspired to make changes why not? I kind of wish I was inspired to update, but once we got everything done in our new house I was done and haven't wanted to do anything else. I love all the light tones in the first image.

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