Sep 9, 2015

10 things that make me weirdly happy

1} Pumping gas and having it stop at an even number without trying.
Bonus points if it stops on a whole dollar amount!

2} Watching Burn stand in the baby pool and drink water, then get excited and dunk his whole face under to "get bigger bites" of water. Weirdo.

3} All. of the Halloween. I can muster.

I have a fever. And the cure is more Halloween decor. #zerofucksgiven

4} Getting paid to pay off my credit card/add to savings.
Watching that credit card dwindle or my savings increase at the beginning of every month makes me giddier than me choosing my First Day outfit  in Grade School.

5} The first sip of red wine after coming in from my winter commute.

This may or may not speak quietly about my so-called drinking problem, but sometimes, when it's freezing out, I can taste that red wine on my lips even before I'm home. There is nothing I love more than savoring a glass (or three).
Bonus if I also get a moment to soak in the tub. Alone. With my wine. And Instagram. Duh.

6} Caramels that are soft enough that I can squish them a bit through the bag.
Yes, I have a problem where I squeeze a caramel in most of the bags that they sell at a convenience store. And Mark gives me stink eye every time.

7} Regular bowel movements. Amen.

8} Doing "guy things" in front of the guys at work.
Dragging that heavy-ass box to the next room (did you get your tickets? to the GUN SHOW!). Using a box cutter. Having a few tools in my desk drawer. Negotiating. Reciting a Your Mom joke.  All comes with the territory at my job.

9}Disinfecting the touched things after a party.
Once the last guest leaves our home, you bet your ass I am walking around with Clorox wipes, wiping down all the things people could have touched. Toilet seats, toilet handles, door handles, counter tops, main walls, all of it. Same goes if one of us is sick. Or if people are overly sick at the office. I am that freak that runs around Lysoling all of the things. You're welcome.

10} When all the labels face out. OCD, party of one, comin'atcha

What weird things make you happy?
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Oh gosh, I have so many! And I don't think these are weird at all - it's good that little things like this make you happy :)