Aug 24, 2015

If a tree falls in the forest....

and knocks out the power, and it's on your property, is it your fault?
We shall see.
I woke up to a loud POP! noise around 2:30am today followed by the immediate silence of the power going out.
I quickly called ComEd to report the outage and went back to sleep.
A few minutes later, the power came back on so I thought it was over.
It must have gone back out after I fell asleep because 5am rolled around and I could hear a chainsaw outside of my window.
What in the actual fuck is going on?

I look outside, and down the hill, towards the street, is a crew of men hacking away at one of our full grown oak trees.
So that's why the power went out.
I already figured if we lost power then I wouldn't make it to the gym.
Then I remember, crap, the driveway gate is closed...and so is the garage.
Both electric (doo doo doo de doo de doo doo know you're singing it)

Always the handy man to the rescue, Mark is already unbolting the gate doors and my car is sitting in the driveway.
I'm also thankful I took a late shower last night because we all know that if you are on a well, you don't exactly have water when the power goes out.

Mark comes flying in, eyes wide...I jumped in the pool this morning to rinse off!
He hurries past me to a pot of boiling water....this is to shave.

Granted, I haven't even figured out how I'm going to brush my teeth we have enough water for the essentials? Can I pee?!

So now I'm at work, hiding the grease with this top knot.

Sexy your....service :)

Anyways, if you didn't read about my mental breakdown with turning 32 on Friday, go catch up.

The rest of the weekend was fun and normal.
We spent far too much money on dinner and a concert, but YOLO, right?

Saturday evening we saw Filter and Candlebox in concert at a local dive bar.
Filter rocked the house. I forgot how much I love their angsty music! Also, they had a FABULOUS female bassist wearing comic book print leggings. I die.

And in true grandma form, I thought that the sound system for Candlebox was too loud (as did Mark) so we hightailed it out of there a bit early.

The rest of the weekend was spent recovering from another hangover, grocery shopping, cleaning out my car and catching up for the week.
The wind was whipping but we still managed to sneak in some pool time!

All in all, 32 is off to a pretty great start!
This year will be all about prep.
Prep to become parents, hopefully.
That is the big goal of the year.
Of course, that goal comes with a bunch of tinier steps to take to get to the big picture, but we'll get there.
Stay tuned, my friends!

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  1. Sexy librarian at your service - Tia - I die! :)
    Looks like you had a blast this weekend, happy to hear that!!!