Jul 20, 2015

Life's not that bad

What is UP with all the negativity I am seeing in and around social media and in real life?
So many negative Nancy's. Complaining about a whole bunch of nothing.
I mean, I get it. Shit happens. People have bad days. It's needed in your soul to vent here and there, but all the time? Really?
What is the deal with feeling the need to drag others in on your pity parade?
Can't just you just squash that shit and move on?

Misery loves company. But I won't partake. It's so damn time consuming and annoying to hear people bitch and moan about petty first world problems that mean nothing.
And why do people think that it's acceptable to use social media as a platform for this type of negativity? Like, they wouldn't say it in "real life" but they will say it in broken English on Facebook?
Dudes....no one cares if you are "so stressed out" or "it's too hot" or "it's too cold"....why even bother posting that crap?

There are very few people in this world that I make time to hear their troubles.
They are limited to the inner-sanctum of my friends and family. And even then, it's limited.

It hurts my heart too much to read about yet ANOTHER sad puppy mill story that someone just HAD to share on Facebook. Like....WHY are you sharing THAT? Can't you just post a photo of your baby or something fun? Why do I want to read that?
It gives me anxiety to hear about ALL OF YOUR MEDICAL PROBLEMS that I am chalking up to some kind of neurotic hypochondria syndrome. Oh...you have a cough? So does everyone else at one point or another. Oh....you are having a bit of insomnia? Why don't you try NOT partying all night every night and actually try sleeping during the night and being productive during the day?
And I just LOVE hearing about how you are so UBER focused on your weight loss that with every fucking gain or chip or burrito you shoveled into you mouth caused you to be sad and angry, and then you took it out on your family. Cool....man. That makes total sense.

And please go on about HOW YOUR HOUSE IS ALWAYS A MESS. How about stop being lazy?

You know this all just thrills me.

Can we just get real for a hot minute?
Life is hard. Very hard. Adulting is hard. I know that. As a soon-to-be 32 year old, I have dealt with and witnessed and burdened hardships I do not wish on my enemies.
I have witnessed death via natural causes and massive drug problems.
I have seem people beat up and arrested.
I have had financial problems, infertility problems, marriage problems, friend problems, family problems, work problems, you know name it...I've been through it.

But here's the kicker.....WE ALL HAVE.

In some form or another, we have all had to deal with some pretty shitty stuff.
Your shit isn't shittier than mine and vise versa. We all have troubles. We all have sorrows. We all have setbacks.

So quit complaining.
Because life is pretty fucking awesome if you would just stop sulking in the corner.
Everything worth having in your life is worth the uphill battle it takes to get there.

So you want your marriage to work? Take a look at your own habits. Chances are there is a problem with YOU too....it's not always him. Or maybe just take a fucking chill pill. Men don't act the same way as women....so quit trying to change them. You knew what you were getting into when you married the person...they don't become a different person after you tie the knot.

You want to be fit? Stop cramming junk in your pie hole, eat food that was grown in the ground, lift some weights and do some cardio.
Every. Damn. Day.
In the time you spent complaining about "how life is so unfair" you could have been outside playing with your kids or doing some jumping jacks or hitting the gym or WHATEVER IT TAKES to be active. You can't just hit the gym once a week at 50%...spending most of your time taking selfies and barely working up a sweat...then treat yourself to a huge frozen margarita or 10 and grab Taco Bell on your way home all the fucking time and wonder why the scale doesn't budge or the muscles don't show
(side note: ditch the scale too....it's the devil and not worthy of your time. Try on some pants. If they are too tight, then keep at it. Too loose? Buy some new ones, honey)

And if you don't want to actually work out and stay active and generally eat healthy?
Then be fat.
Jesus....just own that shit already. There is a whole movement where society is coming to accept larger people. Just hop on that damn train and be done with it.

You want to be less stressed? Eliminate the nonsense. Ditch the clutter. That includes your work, family, friends, and your home. If your work is too much and you feel that you aren't making what you should for the bullshit you put up with? Then make a fucking change. Dust off that damn resume and make yourself heard!

Family drama seeping into your life. Cut them off.
They are like leeches because it's family and you feel you have to. But if it's toxic....step away.
Even if it's temporary.

Do you have shitty friends that make you feel worthless? They are not your friends. Say Bye, Felicia, and dump them on the fucking curb. You don't need a gaggle of friends anyways. You need people that will only lift you up in your life. Everyone else is just jealous.

Oh, and if you house could be on hoarders....that's a no brainer. Throw. The shit. Away. Already.

Life is pretty fucking awesome if you just look around more often. And it goes pretty fucking quick, too.

That dimply ass you are so worried about now will be saggy and pale and non-existent in 20 years, so you better start making it shake a bit more often instead of being worried about who will notice you in your one-piece on the beach. That answer is everyone. But no one gives a shit. And if they do?
You tell them to go fuck themselves.

So what do I do? I got 99 problems, but your shit ain't one.
I choose to brush off a lot of the bullshit and be happy.
Because honey, it could be A LOT worse.
Life ain't so bad, really. It's all about your perspective.

Thanks for reading the rant. Now go do something productive and quit complaining so much.


  1. I love it. I met someone and didn't really take a shine to her to put it nicely & someone told me her "sob story" and said "Tracie, everyone's got a story" as if I was being rude or mean by having said I didn't vibe with her. My response "I can appreciate that. Like you said, EVERYONE has a story." I respect the hustle of those who don't use their shit to gain sympathy, shit happens to us all it's just how you deal with it. I don't want nor need to focus on people whom aren't bringing anything to the table but negative energy. That's not how I choose to spend my time, that simple. But, don't act as if I am heartless by not fawning over some rando after hearing how her mom left her family when she was 6 & was raised by a single parent.

  2. Right on. Stop posting the sap stories on FB! I skip over all that crap. Same as the lame-o quotes everyone's on a kick posting now. Just stop! I want happy thoughts all day every day!

  3. Completely agree, which is why I've always showcased my blog and all social media outlets as a positive and happy place. Is it all sunshine and roses? Of course not. But like you said, everyone has their own problems. Why would I feel the need to add to that?