Jun 3, 2015

Nine truths

I love reading truths, or confessions, from fellow bloggers. It kind of makes me feel more connected to the virtual friendship we share. So today, I am telling you nine things that are going on in my life, good and bad.

1. I spend far too much time calculating and budgeting. I have evaluated and reevaluated how we can accomplish some larger financial aspects of our life before baby and keep flip-flopping how we are going to get there and still keep our sanity. In a perfect world, I would be able to set aside X amount each month and then we'd go buy the thing and that would be it. But life happens. And summer is always more expensive than we anticipated, even if we never really go anywhere. And now I "need" a commuter car so I don't have to volley between a '99 TransAm that can't be driven in rain or any sort of weather, and an H2 that doesn't have a working stereo (I know) and gets 2 miles to the gallon. I actually love driving that beast but can't fathom paying for the fill up each week. It's a great first world problem to have, actually. The commuter car will end up being a preemptive child-friendly car so I guess it's a win-win all around.

2. Going along with budgeting....if there is one bill I can't handle it's our Comcast bill. If it were up to me we wouldn't even have cable, let alone a TV in every. damn. room. But I have to compromise with Mark's demands for ALL THE CHANNELS IN ALL THE ROOMS. In doing so, I am on the phone threatening to switch on the daily and trying to lower our bill all the time. I finally purchased our own modem to save that $10 fee and would 100% buy a Cable CARD to eliminate our $20 in HD fees, if only I knew what the hell that was or how to use it. If someone knows please tell me. I think it has something to do with TiVo but what do I know.

3. I have recurring premonitions of walking into the kitchen to find out my frenchie, Crash, has died in his sleep. I know that is super sad. I can't help it. I usually have these thoughts right before I fall asleep and end up sobbing uncontrollably in my pillow to avoid waking Mark. The shitty thing is, is every premonition I have ever had comes true. And they are always about the dogs. I had one about Crash getting hit by a truck at the end of our driveway for years! And last May it actually happened. He is getting older and I know his time with us is far less than it was ten years ago, so maybe I am mentally preparing?

4. Ever since I have switched from working in the city to working in the suburbs, I have been freaking out about gaining a flat, pancake ass because "all I do is sit all day." Or at the very least, I am afraid of this stigma attached with having a suburban job. To an extent, it is true that I sit a lot. But I did that in the city too. The difference is I don't have the 40 minute round-trip walk like I used to. So, to try and offset that lack of movement, I may be overcompensating at the gym. I used to do zero week-day cardio, and now I do a daily HIIT routine that lasts 10-15 minutes.
Plus, one nice perk of where my office is located is we are next to a GE healthcare facility. They have a lovely walking path that winds around their building. Completing the loop twice takes about 20 minutes. (And I just ignore the bold "private property" signs. #IdowhatIwant)

5. I love having more PM energy because I am not tired and sweaty from that very walk I am trying to overcompensate for. In all honesty, it is amazing to just put on the outfit I want to wear to work, complete with hair and makeup, and arrive at work STILL LOOKING THE SAME WAY. And when Mark suggests we do this and that after work, I'm totally game for it. In the past, when I finally came home from the city, I was so damn exhausted from running the rat race I would just plop down and zone out.

6. I have been trying a new spray to enhance my natural waves during these summer months. Currently, I am using Not Your Mother's Salt Spray and am in love with the coconut scent!! I actually took advice from my Shape magazine and started using a lightweight mousse to give my roots a bit of volume, followed by a quick blow-dry at the roots, the salt spray and some major scrunching and tossling and scalp massaging.
I think the process is great and super quick to boot!

7. I will never understand people that feel like they have to one up you. News Flash: NO ONE CARES. We have been lightly dipping out toes in the whole "meet your neighbors" routine. I know this must sound insane, but Mark and I could honestly do just fine without constantly running into our neighbors all the time. Some people are totally cool, but most people are straight up crazy and I'd rather not waste my time with them. We found a couple that seem alright until they start talking. And by talking, I mean, they will ask you a question about something you have, then immediately one up you by what they have or did that was better than you. Awesome dude. Please, by all means, let's continue this conversation because I'm thrilled. I'm going to be over here minding my own business and it would be super cool if just backed the F up for a hot minute.

8. I love the wardrobe romance that is Starting A New Job and Constantly Looking Cute. I have always been that nerd that got excited to pick out my "first day of school" outfit. I'd like to start taking outfit photos for the blog, but my bathroom lighting is atrocious and we don't have a full length mirror in the ladies bathroom. However, seeing as I am the only lay-dee in my office, I plan to remedy that ASAP and hop on the fashion show train! Watch out for a lot of TJ Maxx outfits in the future!

9. When you don't listen to the radio for two years because you don't drive to work, you kind of get out of touch with "what's cool" these days. That or my age is showing and I have deemed 99% of all new music total garbage. I tend to volley between Kiss FM and Jack FM (today's hits and classic rock) and usually end up staying with Jack FM. There is this current song out that is just ear piercing. The only lyrics I know go like, "You're the light"...and then I have to switch it. What in the actual fuck is that? Why is everything to raspy and whiny and sounds like someone threw their computer in the garbage disposal?

What are your confessions?

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  1. What is with #7???? Seriously, I run into that as well and it makes me SO UNCOMFORTABLE. Like, please don't ask me about our things, what level my husband is at, etc. I literally clam up and want to just walk away.

    A truth from me? Hmmmmm. I am anxious about handling both boys by myself all summer. Of course I am THRILLED to have them home with me and the great weather is so fun but man, the days can be long! I run better on some quiet time and there won't be much of that for the next 2.5 months, but, I suppose that's ok!