Jun 12, 2015

Life is 80 Summers

I have been a stellar blog reader this summer.
Not so good in the commenting department.
But, I feel a bit better because I think I'm actually "on trend" with the lack of comments.
I love catching up with the blogs I read on a weekly basis, but for some reason, I just haven't been commenting as much.  I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that when I read blogs on Bloglovin', I'm not signed in with the right Google account and it's a whole process to re-type the comment after I figure out how to sign in on my phone.

Or maybe I'm just lazy.
Or distracted, because that amazing warm sun is blinding me with it's love.
Let's go with that.

I really only read blogs if I have a few minutes at work.
That's actually when I do my own blogging as well.

Once the clock hits 5pm I am bolting out the door to rush home and soak up the summertime fun.
And not blogging or reading blogs. Especially not on the weekends unless the weather is shitty.

Summer is all we Chicagoans have to look forward to. Winter is so bad that all we want to do is GET. OUT. SIDE. always and forever once the temps rise above 60 (Hell, I've been known to jump into cutoffs the second it hits 50. Judge all you want)
I want to sit outside, run outside, talk outside, eat outside, DO ALL THE THINGS OUTSIDE.
I will wake up as giddy as a kid on Christmas when it's sunny by 6am and WARM.
Oh. So. Warm.
My maniac husband once said a little phrase that struck a chord with myself and friends alike:

And it's so true. Heading into year 32, I have already managed to fly through 1/3 of those years.
We must treasure how awesome these 12 weeks are because it's over in a blink of an eye.

Please bear with me. You can probably check your stats to realize there are many people reading but not many people commenting. Don't feel like you are a loser and no one likes your blog.
People are just being lazy, like me.
If I have ever commented on your blog, I can promise you I am still reading.
If I have never commented, drop your blog link in the comments and tell me what I'm missing! I love reading new stuff!

However, being totally honest, I won't read the sponsored posts. The second I see that word I hit "mark as read."  I really don't care that Tide gave you some free shit and now you "love your laundry even more!"
No one loves laundry. You aren't fooling anyone, m'kay?

So keep the blog posts coming. The real ones.
I want to see your fun photos and crazy summer shenanigans and baby bumps and drunk stories!
Now go do something amazing this weekend and report back next week!

Happy Friday!!

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