Jun 19, 2015

Keep your fat pants

You know how sometimes men make comments, that in their head are well-meaning, but you obviously take offense because men are dumb and insensitive?

Now, a little backstory because I don't want to paint the wrong picture.

Mark and I were talking about summer and he complimented me on my "new style", which I am going to call boho-minimalist. It has taken me a few years to figure out exactly what I love about fashion and what looks the best on me and what I am most comfortable in.

What I love about fashion these days are the flowy, feminine pieces, like a kimono, combined with figure-flattering skinny pants.  Or a long lace cover-up over a bright bikini.  You get the picture.
I feel like these pieces look best on me.

Honestly, with all the working out I have been doing, I feel most comfortable in most things. Sure, there are certain pieces I can't wear because my waist isn't long enough or my booty is to big (not really an issue in my mind, but you can't rock certain pants because of "the gap" from booty to back), but in general, I wear what I want.

I have been more adventurous in my clothing choices recently and it's because I feel great.
I feel great with the shape of my body.
I feel great with my make-up choices and I feel great with coming to peace with my semi-wavy hair
(Stopping the constant straightening has given me more time and more sanity)

But then he casually mentioned that even though things are rocking now, I should keep the "fat pants", because, you know...winter. He meant well, and at the time, I totally agreed.
I DO get fluffy in the winter. Never fat. Just more....relaxed.
Every year I go from semi-fluffy to semi-toned, never really maxing out anything.

But I woke up this morning and thought....WHY can't I just go all out and keep feeling exactly how I feel right now? And maybe even better? What's stopping me?

Is it because during the winter months, there isn't as many opportunities to "dress cute" so you just give up?
Is winter food REALLY that much more fattening when I basically drink my weight in alcohol over the summer?
Is it REALLY that hard to just get up in the pitch black mornings to schlep to the gym?
(OK, that one is kind of tough. Sunshine does wonders for motivation)

So I'm calling it, right here, right now.
2015 will be the last of seasonal weight loss and weight gain. No more losing the fluff until I have a reason to (ie....getting knocked up).
There is nothing holding me back so I just need to do it.
Even when I don't want to.

And for the record, I'm keeping the "fat pants".  Because I'm sure I'll need them in the future when a baby-belly starts to take over and I'm too cheap to dump money into maternity clothes right off the bat.

What are your fitness goals for this summer? And how do they translate into the cooler months?
How do you stay motivated?

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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  1. I can't even begin to imagine getting up in the dark and heading to the gym in the morning in the winter, I don't know how you do it! Let's see, fitness goals this summer are simple. Just MOVE! Luckily I have two boys that keep me on my toes, and, in general tip top shape ;)