Jun 8, 2015

Day Off

Life is go go go.
Especially when I am working full time away from the house. Between work, home responsibilities and social events, I used to be on the go from sunrise to sundown (and then some) seven days a week but found that I would get sick and bitchy more often.
I have learned that I need downtime. Time to restore my sanity, my health, my everything.
My off day.

And not just a hour here or there. It's a good solid chunk of time dedicated to....nothing, really.

There was always this weird transition from work-week to weekend that would involve a complete mental shut-down. I always thought it was odd considering my husband is the type of guy that can just keep going always and forever, it seems, like one of those damn Energizer bunnies.
Turns out, he gets a power nap every day after work before I get home.
That sounds divine, doesn't it?
Well, I don't really have that much leeway in my day....ever.
So what will happen is I will hit the week hard at 110% and either Saturday or Sunday morning (it ebbs and flows) I will simply not want to leave my pj's for most of the morning.
I really don't know why I fought it for so long.
It truly is glorious.

We don't really sleep in on the weekends. Hell, we hardly burn the midnight oil anymore.
We are day drinkers. Day partiers. Day doers. I like my sunshine.
My alarm goes off at 5:30 on weekdays, but my internal alarm goes off by 7am on weekends.
I try to hit the hay by 9pm on weekdays, and my eyes droop by 10:30 on weekends.
Without really realizing it, we tend to start and end our days roughly the same way seven days a week.
I guess that doesn't exactly make us cool people. Dudes, if that is what it means to be cool....I don't want any part of it. Because dark circles and dry skin are tough to hide, honey, and who likes to waste a glorious weekend day sleeping?
Not this bitch.

But I do need downtime.
Downtime for me looks like this:
After five days of hitting the gym hard, the last thing I want to do on the weekends is continue that trend. Keeping up with the maintenance of our home is a full time job that requires a lot of walking, climbing, lifting, pushing, whatever....it's like my own crossfit gym, I guess.
Box, right? They call those things a box? Well, I guess we have a nice box then :snicker:
Anyways, half of one day we detail clean. I typically spend 15-20 minutes of each week day tidying up, wiping down, putting away of smaller items. Generally reducing clutter to avoid the crazy eyes coming out.
Then people will filter in and we chill and eat and drink and swim.
Or we have plans and leave.
And then half of one day I prep for the next week. Errand running, food prep, laundry, tidying...you know the drill.

And then there is that glorious other half. My ME half.
The half spent in my pj's...watching HGTV, drinking my coffee sllllooooowwww, while the dogs snore on either side of the couch.
The morning I take an extra long shower, buff my feet, shave my knees.
Pluck my eyebrows, re-do the paint on my toe nails.
The morning I stroll around our home, maybe, and just look at things.
The morning I have some snacks, maybe go back to sleep for a tiny bit, but really just don't do anything.
I don't worry about time frames, or the clock, or calories, or to-do lists.
I just sit and zone out.
I catch up on social media and write blog posts if I'm inspired.
It's just enough time to feel refreshed and ready to take on the next round of crazy.
Sometimes it's just a couple of hours, sometimes it's 3/4 of a day.
But whatever it is, it is much needed.

Do you carve out downtime? Do you break it up into multiple days or do one big ass chunk like I do?
What's your favorite me-time ritual?

Thanks for reading, friends!


  1. I crave this type of time and need it on a regular basis. It's part of the reason why I started grocery shopping on Saturday mornings, so that I would have Sunday to spend doing more me stuff and less errands/house crap .

  2. Yes! I crave this so badly...a 1/2 day sounds glorious. My down time is nap time (for B). The first half is spent running around the house like a mad woman doing chores. The second half is typically, lounging on the couch if I am caught up on everything. So I get about 45 min - 1 hour or so to chill. Typically I'm on my laptop, blogging, but that is relaxing for me.

    If I ever feel run down or sick I give the chores a day off.

  3. During the school year my me time is during nap time. Usually 2-3 hours where I can sit and watch crap tv, drink a pop and zone out reading blogs. Now that it's summer time, tho, I'm not getting a lot of that. Boo. :(