Jun 5, 2015

Burritos, Tequila, and Target

Driving into work today, I was listening to the morning show on Kiss FM and they relayed a recent statistic that the majority of Millennials are spending their hard earned cash on three super important things:

Millennials, by the way, are those youngins born between 1981-1997. Me being born in '83, I feel as though this speaks volumes about my life.

Who doesn't love burritos? Taco Tuesdays are a weekly ritual in my house.
Whenever we don't feel like making dinner, we just hop in the golf cart and hit up the local mexican joint.
Chipotle used to run through my veins.
I used to buy it at least 3 times a week, if not more.
And can we talk about my favorite drunk food? Um...Taco Bell 4 Lyfe.
I heard they are going to start delivering their food so us drunks don't have to get DUI's.
Enter :slow clap:.
Truly amazing.

And obviously drinking goes hand in hand with burritos.
Tequila is all the rage today. I have been dabbling with it's smoky cousin, Mezcal.
How many homemade margarita recipes have you pinned on Pinterest since summer hit?
That's right...all of them. Because you need to look at all of them and then just grab a Lime-a-rita and call it a day. Those things are delicious.
Who can remember sneaking shots of Jose Cuervo when you were in High School and then jumping on a trampoline into the wee hours of the night?
Who can remember doing a "fire wall" of tequila shots at your local college bar and then knocking over a port-a-potty on the way home?
(A fire wall is when you line up shots over a line of alcohol, then light that alcohol on fire at one end and try to do all the shots in a row before you burn your knuckles. Good times.)
When you get super white girl wasted off Chardonnay, what is the one shot you ALWAYS ask for?
That's right....Patron. Even though it's really gross. You do it anyways....because #BallerLifestyle.

And after your body has soaked up all the booze with all the burritos, what's your next move?
Head to Target to "pick up a few things" and leave the store with two shopping carts full of garbage that YOU JUST NEED TO HAVE.
I went to Target last weekend for shampoo and deodorant, and walked out with four bikinis, a romper, a maxi dress, two new bras, some pj's, two cases of alcohol, chips, dip, grilling food, some cute plastic plates and cups for around the pool....and the list goes on. And I forgot the deodorant.

And that fucking dollar area right in the front. OF COURSE you need an America koozie. OF COURSE.

So tell me....do you think the statistic is right? I sure do.
Why waste your money on things like savings and retirement and bills? Those things are for losers.
You are not a loser.
Happy Friday, loves! Have a great weekend!


  1. Ha!!! I toooootally agree with this, aside from the tequila. I've never had a bad experience with it, I just can't seem to tolerate it well. Maybe I don't drink enough of it - HA!

    Don't get me started on Target. We all have the 'i walked in there for socks and out with a new living room' stories. Sigh. Gets me every time!

  2. I hate to agree with this as an '83 baby, but it rings true. Patron had a lock on our age group for over a decade! Mix the popularity of Taco Tuesday and margarita (which isn't new), I think tequila took a whole new meaning! I won't even start on Target. Target Anonymous really should be a thing...I go just for fun...and leave broke, ever single time! Have a fun weekend and thanks for the fun fact! xoxo, ganeeban

  3. We like to have margs on any day that ends in Y around my house :) My MIL carries a bottle of Grand Marnier in her purse so we can top them off in restaurants. She's kinda a bad ass.